Pokemon Legends Arceus may drop huge hint to next Legends game

Pokemon Legends Arceus Warden Ingo next to Black & White model screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus players believe that a mysterious easter egg could be hinting at the location for the next Legends game. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus is set in the ancient past when Sinnoh was called Hisui instead. The Diamond & Pearl origin story is jam-packed with lore and ancestors to characters featured in other titles in the Game Freak franchise.

One character in, however, stands out from the rest and has a special connection to another popular entry in the long-running series. Does the easter egg be a hint at a future Legends release?

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This article contains story spoilers for Legends Arceus from Mission 11: Scaling Perilious Heights.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Unova Easter Egg

Trainers progressing through the story will eventually meet Warden Ingo in the Coronet Highlands. The game throws players for a loop, however, when it’s revealed that he is a time traveler just like the protagonist and has fallen through the space-time rifts that have opened up over Sinnoh.

If the character looks familiar, it’s because he is! Ingo made his debut in 2010’s Black & White. The NPC is one of the leaders players face off against in Gen V’s iconic Battle Subway feature. The Unova Trainer’s return in Legends is peculiar seeing as he’s the only character in the game that is not an ancestor.

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Given that Ingo shares the same storyline as the main character, is it possible that this could be a hint to the Unova region being the next location for a future Legends title? After all, The Pokemon Company has a history of teasing future locations in their previous entries.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Warden Ingo screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Warden Ingo is actually from 2010’s Pokemon Black & White.

Pokemon Legends Arceus players shared their reaction to Ingo’s shocking plotline on social media. Some speculated as to whether his appearance could be a hint at a future title, while others shared their hopes for a Legends Unova release.

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“Ingo in Pokemon Legends Arceus? Black & White remake in Pokemon Legends Arceus playstyle confirm,” a user wrote.

Another fan excitedly tweeted, “Oh s**t it’s actually Ingo! Gen 5 REMAKE  CONFIRMED LETS GOOO!”.

One player posted, “I truly want to see a Legends for Unova so bad. Like why would Ingo be in PLA if not a Easter Egg?”

Pokemon fans react to Ingo easter egg in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Of course, it should be pointed out that Game Freak has established a plotline running throughout the series of characters falling through time rifts. In 2014’s Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Looker infamously traveled back in time to Hoenn.

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Wormholes were also a heavy plot device in Gen VII’s Sun & Moon. So Ingo could just be the latest addition to this now-growing plotline. Regardless, a Unova Legends would be incredibly epic, and Ingo deserves to be reunited with his brother.