Pokemon trainer reveals exclusive that made them pick Violet over Scarlet

Pokemon VioletThe Pokemon Company

In a Reddit post, a vocal Pokemon trainer shared their personal reason why they are purchasing Pokemon Violet over Scarlet.

Choosing between Pokemon versions has become a tradition in the Pokemon community. Each version has their own appeal, making the decision relatively daunting.

There are many things to consider, from choosing between legendaries to other version exclusive Pokemon. Each version in the upcoming installments even have their own professor.

On November 18, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release worldwide. With the launch date looming, players are committing to their personal version. The two games follow essentially the same formula, with small differences distinguishing the two.

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One Pokemon trainer shared a post on Reddit stating their reasoning for preferring the Violet version.

Ceruledge convinces Pokemon player to buy Violet

The Reddit user stated “this is the Pokemon that sold me on Violet,” sharing a picture of Ceruledge.

Ceruledge is a Violet version exclusive Pokemon which has blades for arms. Its design is a bit reminiscent of Scizor and Scyther, but with a darker and more ghostly aesthetic.

Others took the post as an opportunity to share their own opinions.

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“Ceruledge was one of the reasons, the other two were Miraidon and Salamence,” another user stated.

Those wanting to play Scarlet spoke up too.

“Oddly Ceruledge sold me on Scarlet, I prefer the cannon man to humanoid Doublade,” TheCyclopsDude commented.

Pokemon ScarletThe Pokemon Company
Armourange is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet

“Same, the idea of firing cannons from your hands is really cool to me and I like Armarouges design way more,” one trainer replied.

The community bonded over their decision-making, sharing their opinions regarding each individual version.

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