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Pokemon leak hints at return to Sinnoh, but no Diamond or Pearl remake

Published: 27/Aug/2020 0:01

by Paul Cot


The leaks keep coming and this time it’s about the ever-pressing topic of a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake.

A long-awaited return to the Sinnoh region has been a talking point among Pokemon fans for years now. It appears to have even been teased by the Pokemon Company themselves.

Now though, yet another leak is adding fuel to the already enraging fire that is a Gen 4 remake. It isn’t quite what it seems, though.

As with all leaks, it is important to take them with a grain of salt. This particular one is certainly questionable, but we’re sharing it so you can make up your own mind.


Sinnoh Region Map
Pokemon Company
A return to the Sinnoh region could be on the cards but not how you think…

A new game but set in Sinnoh

Firstly, the leak claims that the return to Sinnoh won’t be a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. This means the next mainline game will reportedly be set in Sinnoh, but won’t be the remaster many trainers were looking forward to.

There will likely be mixed reactions to this within the Pokemon community. After all, trainers have been expecting a remaster of Diamond/Pearl for a long time now.

Gears of Eternity / Orbs of Infinity

The working titles of the games are Pokemon Gears of Eternity and Pokemon Orbs of Infinity. These are apparently a translation of whatever the working title in Japan is, so don’t expect them to be final.


Nevertheless, these titles differ from past Pokemon games. Previous games have stuck to colors for their names, although the latest games have of course gone in a slightly different direction with Sun, Moon, Sword, and Shield.

Further details

The leak goes on to list additional details about the supposed upcoming games, too:

  • There will be no gym challenge, but there will still be type specialists to face throughout
  • Type specialists are split into two teams depending on which version you’re playing
  • One version will use Megas and the other Dynamax
  • There will be an Elite 4 and champion to battle

The split between Mega Evolutions and Dynamax seems strange and certainly doesn’t give the leak any additional credibility. However, it is claimed the story is “about how the respective Legendary had distorted time and space to allow Mega/Dynamax to occur.” Make of that what you will.

Again, this is all unsubstantiated information and should be taken as such. We now have several options for what the next mainline game will be: Pokemon Let’s Go Johto, Diamond Pearl remake, or a new game set in Sinnoh. The rumors will no doubt continue.