Is a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake coming? Rumors, release date, more

by Paul Cotton


Rumors about a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake are starting to gather momentum. It seems likely we will see a Gen 4 remake at some point but when will this be?

As a result of the January 9 Pokemon Direct, "Sinnoh" was recently trending on Twitter. This of course refers to region of the Gen 4 Pokemon game.

A quick search of anything related to the 2006 video games and the demand for a remade version of them quickly becomes apparent. With an announcement of the 2020 game yet to occur (if a new Pokemon game comes at all), a Gen 4 remaster is among the most popular choice for the next mainline Pokemon game.

Pokemon Company
Pokemon Company
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out all the way back in 2006...


Sinnoh remake next?

There seems to be three options for what the next Pokemon game will be. Given Gen 8 was introduced to the series with Pokemon Sword and Shield, we can confidently rule out Gen 9 is coming any time soon.

Sword and Shield DLC

The January 9 Pokemon Direct revealed a brand new expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This will include two DLCs - The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

Respectively, these are scheduled for June and the Fall of this year. The Pokemon Company haven't stated whether these expansion packs will replace a potential new game in 2020 or whether they will come alongside it.

There is also the possibility that further DLCs are added later in 2020 and even 2021. After all, the stars seemed to align for a return to the Pokemon X and Y region in the build up to Sword and Shield. Could Game Freak be keeping this in their back pockets?


Let's Go Gold and Silver

Another game we could see, although this is less likely, at least for now, is Pokemon Let's Go 2. This could be titled a number of different ways, such as Let's Go Johto, Let's Go Gold and Silver or even something far-fetched like Let's Go Lugia/Ho-oh.

Regardless, a second Let's Go game seems an inevitability at some point. With that said though, 2020 may be a year or two too soon for the game that turned out to be hugely popular. Two years may not be enough time for trainers to get excited about another rendition of it.

An easter egg in the original version also suggested that a sequel would be two to three years away, which would mean a 2021 or 2022 release.

Does Sabrina directly hint a Pokemon Let's Go sequel?


Return to Gen 4 - finally

That brings us to what most trainers seem to want form a 2020 Pokemon game - the long awaited Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. The last 're-imagining' of a previous game came in 2014 with the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

This suggests a remake is well overdue with there, currently, being nearly six years since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were released. The more powerful Nintendo Switch will be able to do wonders in comparison to the Nintendo DS that it was originally released on.

While the long awaited Gen 4 remake may not come this year, fans will be expecting it soon enough. Maybe Nintendo will even save it for their inevitable next console - the Nintendo Switch 2.

We're at that exciting time of the year where trainers speculate as to what's coming next in the world of Pokemon. We could find out more on this year's Pokemon Day on February 27.