Pokemon Go players counting down days until next special research

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Pokemon Go trainers wanting more from the game than the current state of things are patiently awaiting the next release of special research tasks.

The Lunar New Year event just ended a few days ago, providing players with a slate of raids, field research tasks, and increased spawn rates.

Such events hardly satiate those who’ve grown frustrated with the mobile app, however. The removal of features and poorly-received gameplay changes continue to hamper the experience for some.

And at this point, many users just long for something new and interesting to grind towards.

Pokemon Go fans long for the next round of special research tasks

In a recent Reddit post, CreaytoR shared their hope that Niantic will introduce more special research tasks in the near future. “[It’d be] nice to have something to grind towards other than just catching,” they wrote.

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Lots of other players chimed in with similar thoughts, with one person saying they purchase Community Day Research just to have something to do in-game. “Agreed! More story,” another trainer said in response to the following Reddit post from CreaytoR:

Fortunately, Pokemon Go players hungry for more special research will soon have something to whet their appetites.

In response to the thread, one Redditor noted that a rocket quest should kick off next week on Wednesday, February 1.

Users can also look forward to Pokemon Go Community Day, which is slated for Sunday, February 5 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time.

With Noibat serving as the highlighted Pokemon, trainers can expect 4-star Raids, double catch candy bonuses, and more from the upcoming Community Day event.

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