Pokemon Go trainers split over steep Go Battle Day Timed Research tasks

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Pokemon Go trainers are split over the steep time commitment required for the Go Battle Day: Stardust Timed Research tasks.

Pokemon Go has launched another Go Battle Day for trainers to take part in, complete tasks, and earn rewards.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Go community was not thrilled with Go Battle Day: Stardust Timed Research event ahead of its launch on May 14, 2023, with some criticizing Niantic for incentivizing players to “buy Stardust.”

Now that the event has begun, fans have criticized a different aspect of the Stardust Timed Research event thanks to the steep requirements involvement. However, not all trainers shared this sentiment.

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Pokemon Go fans are not happy with Stardust Timed Research

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit sparked a debate within the fandom after one user made a post titled, “Do they really expect me to battle 100x today? For 1$? On Mother’s Day?”

The OP attached a screenshot of the Stardust Timed Research tasks, which require players to complete a total of 100 Go Battle League battles in just one day. Many fans voiced their frustrations at this daunting challenge involved in a timed, paid event.

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“Why the f*ck is it a Timed Research and not just a normal research? I could do 100 battles over the course of a few weeks but not a chance I’m doing that in a day,” said one trainer.

However, many in the comments argued that many fans willingly paid for this event and they’re not obligated to participate. “They expect people who are pvping anyway to buy this for a bonus. You don’t have any obligations to buy it whatsoever,” said user ForeverBackground737.

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Some fans were also annoyed that this particularly intensive Timed Research day fell on Mother’s Day, and claimed Niantic scheduled this date on purpose. “[Niantic] has a pattern of putting stuff like this on holidays, to try to get you to spend more time on the game. Same goes for special raid days and such.”

Others in the comments countered that it wasn’t Mother’s Day globally, to which some players argued that it’s currently Mother’s Day in many countries around the world, like the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the Netherlands.

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Regardless of the date, many fans were surprised at needing to fully complete 100 battles to complete the Timed Research, as this particular task is a bit outside the norm.

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