Pokemon Go trainers jealous of player’s “useless” catch

Anna Koselke
Shinx Pokemon

A Pokemon Go player has shared their seemingly useless Shinx catch online, and other players are jealous of the cute Shinx with no stats.

When it comes to mobile games like Pokemon Go, players are drawn to the accessible and wholesome experience it offers. From the cutesy Pokemon roaming around the world to the incentive the game provides to get players to explore the outdoors, it stands apart from other mobile titles.

The diverse community is also connected and keen on sharing experiences, taking to social media to show off caught creatures, or discussing any in-game issues. Players seem to really enjoy checking out other trainers’ Pokemon finds, from the cool ones to the cute ones.

One Pokemon Go player posted on social media about a Pokemon that they caught, although they were not bragging about the catch by any means. Instead, they were looking to share their bad luck as they had captured a Shinx that was virtually useless.

Pokemon Go player shows off Shinx catch with no stats

One Pokemon Go player has shared their Shinx catch in a post on Reddit, showing off the Pokemon’s lack of stats while dubbing it “the worst catch ever.” The screenshot posted displayed the Shinx’s Attack, Defense, and HP, which all amounted to literally nothing.

Other Pokemon Go trainers quickly replied to the post, voicing their opinions on the strange catch with zero use. Some were jealous of the Shinx with worthless stats, making jokes about the Pokemon’s type and saying things like, “Still hit harder than a non-shadow hundo.”

Some players took note of the Shinx’s cute expression as it appears in the post to be grumpy. One player wrote, “Even Shinx is upset by it.” Another chimed in, “How dare you call that cute and rare little girl, saying that the poster should “Change her name NOW.”

One fellow trainer pointed out that the “nundo,” as opposed to a “hundo” having max stats, is “much rarer than a hundo” and congratulated the poster on the “awesome trophy.” Similarly, using the term “nundo” to refer to the (un)lucky Shinx catch, another player simply put, “Nice nundo bro.”

Not every catch in Pokemon Go results in max stats or a shiny. Those that have players end up with the polar opposite of a lucky find can be just as fun to share within the community. If this Shinx says anything about Pokemon Go trainers, it is that all of the little monsters are equally as loved… strong or not.

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