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Pokemon Go trainer strikes lucky with three Shinies in under 10 minutes

Published: 28/Apr/2021 17:21

by Alex Garton


An incredibly lucky Pokemon Go trainer has managed to catch three Shinies in under 10 minutes of playtime.

Catching Shinies in Pokemon Go is one of the most popular aspects of the game and is a goal every trainer strives to achieve. For some, obtaining a Shiny is incredibly easy and occurs without them even looking for one.

However, others go on long dry streaks and spend countless hours playing the title without seeing a single Shiny Pokemon. At the end of the day, it all comes down to luck and some players appear to have more than others.

One trainer, in particular, appears to have a little too much, sharing their experience of catching three in-game Shinies in under 10 minutes of playtime.


Pokemon Go trainer
Pokemon Go has millions of players worldwide.

Pokemon Go player catches three Shinies in 10 minutes

In a thread posted to the Pokemon Go subreddit, user Hexlicious shared a screenshot of three Shinies they had recently caught. The trainer revealed that they had in fact picked up all of them within the space of 10 minutes.

Not only that, according to Hexlicious, all three were also caught in just 10 catches, making this achievement even more mind-blowing. The odds of obtaining a single Shiny are extremely low, let alone three in such a short period of time.

“This has never happened to me… a triple in less than 10 minutes must have abysmally low odds of happening, I should go buy a lottery ticket.”


With Shiny Mr. Mime, Bunnelby, and Spoink all picked up, it’s fair to say Hexlicious is building up quite a collection.


The trainer even provided a screenshot of the exact times that the Pokemon were caught, as proof for anyone that believes their claim is too good to be true. A number of trainers even took the time to voice their disbelief in the thread.

“How are you people doing this,” one stated, with another voicing their frustration that they’re “still waiting for shiny Bunnelby after catching over 1300 of them.”

While not everyone will have the luck of Hexlicious, it’s always great to appreciate the unbelievable moments some trainers encounter.