Pokemon Go trainer beaten up by gang of teenagers for playing on “their” park bench

Pokemon trainer attacked by gangPixabay/Pokemon

Police are investigating after a 37-year-old Pokemon Go player was assaulted by a gang of teenagers for sitting down on “their” park bench to play his game.

Pokemon Go trainer Mark Fernyhough was left beaten and in need of stitches after a brutal attack by eight teenagers at Sturry recreation ground near Canterbury on November 9.

Fernyhough had been visiting the park with his girlfriend and playing Pokemon Go when suddenly, a gang of teens showed up and demanded he move.

“We sat on these benches in the middle of the park and out of the corner of my eye I saw some shapes and then I heard ‘Oi that’s where we sit’”, his girlfriend recalled to Kent Online.

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After she got up to leave, she realized her boyfriend wasn’t with her and turned around to see the teens attacking him.

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A Pokemon Go player was beaten for sitting on a bench.

Gang attacks Pokemon Go player for sitting on bench

According to reports, Fernyhough was struck with park equipment and they continued to hit him in the head.

Once the two managed to get away, they called the authorities, but without some difficulty as Mark was having trouble walking following the assault.

Eventually, officers drove Fernyhough and his girlfriend to the hospital where he required a CT scan and staples in his head.

While the man is recovering nicely, so far, the attackers have yet to be found, but police say inquiries are ongoing to bring them to justice.

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This isn’t the first time a Pokemon Go player has been attacked in a park. Just recently, a father and son were convicted after beating a rival player over control of a gym in the area.