Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Battle Weekend: Dates & Times, Shadow Latios, Giovanni

Battle Weekend Team Go RocketNiantic

Niantic has revealed a Team Go Rocket-focused Battle Weekend alongside the upcoming Pokemon Go Anniversary Event. Here’s everything we know about it. 

Coming out of the Pokemon Go TCG Crossover, Niantic has revealed their Anniversary Event complete with shiny Zapdos, new costume Pokemon, and a plethora of Field Research Encounters.

Niantic is also celebrating Pokemon Go’s sixth anniversary.

Alongside the event is a Team Go Rocket battle weekend. Here’s everything we know about it, including dates, times, and Giovanni’s choice of Pokemon.

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Shadow Pokemon Go New MetaPokemon Company
Shadow Pokemon has been the center of Team Go Rocket since they were released.

Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Battle Weekend date and time

Niantic has confirmed that the event will begin on Saturday, July 9, 2022, at 12 am and will end on Sunday, July 10, 2022, at 11:59 pm in trainers’ local time.

Team Go Rocket Battle Weekend Bonuses

The weekend will also feature a variety of bonuses for trainers all over the world.

  • Team Go Rocket Balloons will appear every three hours
  • 4x Stardust from Go Battle League Rewards
  • 20 Go Battle League Sets both days
  • Charged TM will help Shadow Pokemon forget Frustration

Team Go Rocket Giovanni Special Research

The two-day event will also provide users with a new Giovanni Special Research where trainers will be able to save Shadow Latios.

The Special Research will be available to claim until the end of Season of GO on September 1, 2022, at 10 am local time.

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Pokemon Go Shadow PokemonNiantic
Geodude, Shinx, Purrloin, and more will be used by Team Go Rocket grunts.

Team Go Rocket Shadow Pokemon

Team Go Rocket Grunts, as well as their leaders Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo, will be using different Shadow Pokemon during the event.

While the whole list isn’t available at the time of writing, Niantic has confirmed the first three:

  • Shadow Geodude
  • Shadow Shinx
  • Purrloin

If you’re looking to take on Giovanni during the upcoming battle weekend, head on over to our Team Go Rocket Grunt guide that will help you battle your way to the top.

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