Pokemon Go spawn mechanics continue to ruin Galarian Bird encounters

pokemon galarian zapdos

Pokemon Go players continue to mourn the loss of rare Galarian Birds as the game’s outdated spawn mechanics keep botching these encounters.

Players rejoiced when Niantic announced the Daily Adventure Incense as it gave players a free way to encounter even more Pokemon. And excitement for the new mechanic surged when players discovered that the special incense could spawn Galarian legendary birds.

The chance to spawn one of these Legendaries is very low, and their catch rate makes it pretty difficult for those lucky enough to encounter them to capture them. And on top of these low odds, their chance to flee if a capture fails is incredibly high.

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Despite the odds being stacked against Pokemon Go trainers, players seemingly love their rarity. But what they don’t like is how often players seem to fail these Legendaries before they get the chance to encounter them.

Pokemon Go players can’t encounter Galarian Birds

Reddit user Dismal_Display9067 is the latest trainer to post their incredibly unfortunate near encounter with Pokemon Go’s Galarian Birds. And they shared their experience with fellow trainers on the r/pokemongo subreddit.

Using an Adventure Incense and standing adjacent to a Galarian Zapdos, Dismal was able to snag a screenshot of their unfortunate situation. In a post titled ‘No, Aron, No! NO! Move! MOVE!! MOOOVE!!!’, OP showed the Galarian Bird sharing the same spawn point as an Aaron.

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Dismal explained the image by stating, “First Galarian Bird I’ve seen but would lock onto Aron every time until the bird fled.”

Some players took to the comments to share ways OP could avoid a similar situation in the future. They stated that quick catching the Aaron would quickly remove it from the map in time to catch the Galarian Bird.

However, others threw shade at Niantic for still not having fixed this issue. One user pointed out that overlapping spawns have been an issue since the start of Pokemon Go, while another questioned why Niantic hadn’t coded in a way to properly separate spawns.

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