Pokemon Go players mourn the loss of incredibly rare Galarian Legendary birds

Galarian Moltres Sword and ShieldGame Freak / Pokemon Company

Ever since the release of the Daily Adventure Incense, players have been hunting the Galarian bird trio, but several users have shared their misfortune of missing out on some of the rarest Legendaries.

Pokemon Go’s Daily Adventure Incense has been around for a short while and has been a hit with players. Every day, players get a free 15-minute incense that has a chance to spawn some rather rare Pokemon.

Among this pool of Pokemon are the very rare Galarian Legendary birds: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. There is a small chance that they will spawn via the incense, but encountering one is only half the battle. According to the TheSilphRoad subreddit, the birds have a 0.3% base catch rate and a 90% chance to feel if it breaks out.

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However, that doesn’t make it impossible to catch one, as shown by numerous players who have shared their successful catches across the internet. But there have been many users who found an even rarer variant of these Legendaries and shared their failed encounters with the rest of the world.

Players mourn Low CP Galarian Bird

One of the aspects of these encounters that makes them so interesting is their varied CP levels. Legendaries usually have a decently high CP level as they’re normally caught after raids, but players can find Galarian Birds with incredibly low power.

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This makes them usable in low-level Pokemon Go battle leagues, and can even make them easier to catch. But what’s more exciting is that this is the only way to get a legitimate level 1 Galarian Legendary bird, a prized Pokemon that any collector would love to add to their collection.

And sadly, there have been several trainers who have encountered these incredibly rare low CP legends, but have failed to catch them. Users like illogicallyalex, fae_e, and SilencedRPG all shared their tragic encounters on the r/pokemongo subreddit.

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These posts were met with hundreds of comments mourning the loss of such a rare creature, and sharing tales of their own misfortune. “Well, my 42 CP Arcticuno ran after the first throw too. Doesn’t feel right,” user Sanxnas commented.

A user by the name of Gylfie33 stated, “My 49 CP Moltres ran away as well… I really thought that was gonna be the one, it couldn’t have been any weaker. Oh well.” To which the OP replied, “I’m glad it wasn’t only me. It lessens the sting a tiny bit.”

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