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Pokemon Go September Community Day rumors – Return of the vote?

Published: 9/Aug/2020 20:43

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go September Community Day is up next but we don’t know who will headline it. We discuss which Pokemon will most likely be featured.

Everyone thought they knew last month’s CD headliner but then out of nowhere Niantic, surprisingly, announced it would be Magikarp. An earlier datamine has revealed, or at least appeared to do so, that it would be down to a vote.

That vote would have been between Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer and Porygon. Whether this was never the case or Niantic changed their plans, this obviously didn’t materialize.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t saving that vote for September. As a result, we could another Twitter poll between these Pokemon with the winner getting the nod.


The last time a vote was used to determine the CD headliner it was between Gastly, Sandshrew, Squirtle and Weedle. This particular vote was used to determine the next two Community Days whereby the winner would headline the next one and the second the choice the following CD.

The winner was Weedle, with Gastly coming in second. The same could apply to a vote this month, which would mean September and October’s headliners are locked in early.

Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer or Porygon?

Should Niantic have indeed delayed this vote rather than canceled it all together it presents Pokemon Go trainers with an interesting choice.


We didn’t think Weedle would be as popular choice as it was, so Caterpie is hard to rule out, too. Charmander always has a chance, although it is a polarizing choice because of Charizard, as many think the fire-starter is over-used in the franchise.

Immediate feedback to the proposed vote suggested Porygon would be an early favorite, though. Then there is the fact that a Grimer Community Day may include Alolan Grimer as well, adding to that choice’s appeal.

Snivvy Pokemon Go
Snivy would be the first starter to headline a Community Day since January 2020…

Another starter – Snivy?

Before the world changed, Community Day’s had an established pattern of switching between starter and non-starter. However, this has now all changed, with the last starter to headline a CD being Piplup in January 2020.


There is a chance Niantic now revert back to starters which means Snivy would be next in line. Piplup is the final starter from Gen 4, at least in terms of Pokedex number, and Snivy, being a grass-type, is the first from Gen 5.

Either the above vote or Snivy seem the logical choices but as we saw with Magikarp, we can’t rule anything out when it comes to Niantic.