Pokemon Go Remote Raid pass change would be perfect early Christmas present


Pokemon Go players have suggested a change to Remote Raid passes that would help rural players, and it would be the perfect early Christmas present.

With Pokemon Go removing Remote Raid passes from daily boxes and raising the price while introducing new raid events that can’t make use of them, it’s clear that Niantic is trying to phase them out.

Not without damaging the playability of the game for rural players, however.

A player recently took to the Pokemon Go subreddit to share their idea for a change to the passes that would help those without easy access to local raids, and it would be the perfect Christmas present.

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Pokemon Go Remote Raid pass change would help rural players

In the post on December 4, Reddit user Uunikana shared their idea for “rechargeable” Remote Raid passes to help rural players maintain access to raids by walking.

The accompanying photo details their idea: “A Remote Raid Pass that could charge once a week by walking, similar to Adventure Sync rewards.”

The user’s idea is that you receive a Remote Raid Pass, but you can recharge it by walking 25km before using it again.

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Other players quickly took to the comments of the Reddit post to share their opinions on the user’s suggestion.

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One said: “It’s a logical QOL improvement to the game, there is no way it’ll ever happen, and that saddens me. Some fan suggestions are often quite overpowered, but this one is so reasonable, and f2p players would love it.”

“Would you know, another great idea that won’t see the light of day in-game,” another user replied.

“This sounds awesome! The rural players with no access to nearby gyms (and coins) could finally get a free alternative to obtain raid-exclusive Pokémon,” a third user said. “And it also benefits Niantic’s movement data! This is definitely a win-win scenario.”

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As many players mentioned, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything like this in the game. However, trainers all over the world would love to see it one day.

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