Pokemon Go records lowest monthly earnings in 5 years in April 2023

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go has apparently taken a massive revenue hit in its monthly earnings during April 2023 following developer Niantic’s controversial changes to Remote Raid Passes.

April 2023 was a turbulent time for Pokemon Go following Niantic’s decision to heavily nerf Remote Raid Passes — an item that made participating in Raids easier and more accessible for many trainers around the world.

Since the developer’s decision went into effect on April 6, 2023, fan’s voiced their frustrations in a variety of ways, from boycotting in-game purchases, speaking out on social media, and even deleting the app altogether.

Now, it seems that very same controversial decision may have made an impact on Niantic’s bottom line, as recent reports claim Pokemon Go made its lowest monthly earnings in five years during April 2023.

Pokemon Go’s April 2023 earnings were lowest in 5 years

According to information from Mobilegamer.biz, Pokemon Go reportedly earned $34.7 million in April 2023. While this seems like quite a lot, in comparison to previous monthly earnings it’s clear just how much revenue has fallen.

Two months prior in February 2023, the game grossed $58 million in revenue, which sank to $42.8 million a month later in March. Again, it sank even further in April, reaching its lowest monthly earning since February 2018.

For those outside of the community or who may have missed the news, Niantic made the controversial decision to change Remote Raid Passes, which left the Pokemon Go community in an uproar.

Pokémon Go remote raid petition
Pokemon Go’s Remote Raid Passes allow players to participate in raids without physically walking to the designated location.

Not only did these changes increase the price of in-app prices, but fans argued they ultimately made participating in events harder for those with disabilities or those trainers who lived in more rural areas of the world.

Recently, fans have even seen concrete evidence that interest in raids has fallen significantly after Remote Raid Passes were nerfed.

While player interest may not have moved the needle for Niantic, a record low in monthly revenue will likely not pass by unnoticed. Trainers will just have to wait and see if this fall in revenue will prompt Niantic to rescind its controversial changes, or just continue down this same path.

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