Pokemon Go players uncover “enhanced” graphics finally rolling out

Nathan Ellingsworth
A Pokemon Go player stands next to a 3D model of Greninja

Some lucky Pokemon Go players around the globe are spotting an early look at an upcoming feature, and the change is helping to bring the world of Pokemon Go to life in new ways.

While there have been plenty of changes to Pokemon Go over the last seven or so years, it’s something to a testament to the game that much of it remains true to where it began.

However, Niantic is always working on improvements, and one area that can possibly be perceived as stale is the aging encounter screens, and the static graphics that adorn your Pokemon in the wild if you have AR turned off (like most people).

It certainly seems like changes to Pokemon Go arrive at a glacial pace, but thankfully some players around the globe are spotting one big change already, as Niantic rolls out enhanced graphics for encounters, helping to add some new flavor to those classic catch screens.

Players spot new Pokemon Go graphics for encounters

As shared in a Reddit post by one user, the new graphics are slowly popping up sporadically around the globe, and a few lucky players have already got eyes on those gorgeous new screens.

While players will have to wait for the official rollout to see the final graphics, the preview is already a promising look at how the improved visuals will bring something new to the game.

Fans in the comments seem mixed on the update, with some excited but other unimpressed with what they’ve seen so far.

One comment says, “THE TREE IS BACK!!!” Then another adds, “Honestly looks alright except for the battle screen.”

A few comments are more critical, though it may be down to the way the images were posted, as one comment says, “Yeah im not super impressed” before another person adds, Yeah I like the different backgrounds they do, but especially the one for the battle screen, just… no.”

These changes are preliminary for now, as explained by Niantic in a recent post, so players will have to be patient to see exactly how these improved graphics will look for all players upon their release. For now, though, it’s encouraging to know Niantic is still constantly working to improve upon Pokemon Go.

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