Pokemon Go trainers are losing it over inactive players ‘hoarding’ unopened gifts

Chris Studley
Pokemon Go gift

One Pokemon Go player took exception with those that receive Gifts in the mobile game, but don’t open them.

Pokemon Go is a social mobile game, one that tasks players periodically to participate in Raids with others, as well as send Gifts to friends.

Gifts are great for those who are in need of timely rewards or XP — provided that those sent one actually open up a Gift.

One Go player expressed frustration that are inactive when it comes to Gifts.

Pokemon go gift

Pokemon Go players take issue with gifts

On Reddit, a user by the name of ‘Moonimations’ expressed dismay with one mechanic in Pokemon Go via a meme: Gifts, and more specifically, the players that are inactive and don’t open up ones sent.

The meme is captioned with this sentence: “I know there is a daily limit, but some gifts have been sitting for weeks.”

A few players did highlight the “tedious nature” of handling gifts in Pokemon Go. One player noted, “It’s so tedious. I do my best, but this game is barely hanging by a thread for me, and sometimes I just can’t bring myself to do the chore.” Another claimed to not open Gifts to avoid “garbage” Eggs.

It’s understandable as to why someone that regularly sends Gifts to players, but not see them opened, would be frustrated. Gifts in Pokemon Go can yield good random rewards at times for the player that receives one, like special 7-km Eggs, Poke Balls, and Stardust, among others.

For the person who sends a Gift, it can be used to gain XP in the mobile game.

Aside from avoiding “garbage” rewards, there’s also another likely reason that even active players will sit on them.

Any player that accepts a Gift and claim the reward must have space in the Inventory. Several players highlighted in a previous post on the Pokemon Go subreddit that this is the reason why they’ll sit on Gifts and not open them.

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