Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for “killing” game with Staravia Raid

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players are not happy with Niantic after the Starly Community Day event, which features a lackluster Staravia Four-star Raid.

Niantic has slowly but surely gained ire with the Pokemon Community over the past several months thanks to some controversial changes surrounding things like remote raid passes.

After reports that some players encountered glitches that ruined the Deino Community Day event, community frustration seems to be at a peak.

Now, the newly revealed Starly Community Day Event for July 2022 has players slamming Niantic for “killing” Pokemon Go for good thanks to lackluster offerings.

Pokemon Go players slam Staravia Raid

Remote Raid Pass Pokemon Go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Many players relied on Remote Raid Passes to participate in big raids and the community has felt their exclusion as of late.

Frustration mounted when Niantic revealed the July 2022 Starly Community Day Event, which focuses on Sinnoh’s staple bird Pokemon this time around.

Particularly in regards to the Four-star Staravia Raid Battles, which exclude players from using Remote Raid Passes to participate.

Reddit user ‘valosgsc‘ claimed “It’s only a matter of time before Niantic makes it so that we can’t use Remote Raid Passes in Legendary Raids…” as Niantic stripped away more and more Remote Raid Pass availability.

Thanks to Remote Raid Passes leaving weekly boxes, many players simply don’t want to participate in them as they can’t without spending money.

On top of the Remote Raid Passes being unusable for this Raid, many players consider Staravia a Pokemon not worth using resources to get.

“What part of the human population do they expect to waste [resources] on a Staravia,” asked Reddit user Rich_Pizza_9341.’

They’re not alone in the sentiment either, as many in the replies claim they plan to skip out on Community Day Raids this month.

Community frustration coupled with Niantic’s reportedly declining annual earnings spells out that Pokemon Go is desperately in need of a change in direction before too long, but only time will tell if that comes to fruition.