Pokemon Go players divided by new weekly boxes after Remote Raid Pass outrage

pokemon go incubator vs remote raid pass

The first weekly 1 coin box without Remote Raid Passes is here leaving players divided over whether the boxes are better or worse.

On May 19, 2022, Niantic published a blog post announcing that the singular Remote Raid Pass normally included the 1 coin weekly box would be removed. Instead, the boxes would feature a “rotating array of items.”

Players were furious with this announcement as many free-to-play trainers enjoyed the one “free” Remote Raid each week. And with the vague description of items to come, players didn’t have high hopes.

That was until Monday, May 23, when the first box without a Remote Raid Pass arrived in the shop. Many trainers were pleasantly surprised by its contents while others are remaining skeptical.

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An image with Free Egg Incubators in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players divided by new weekly boxes

The weekly 1 coin event box released on May 23 contained three Super Incubators. If players were to buy these from the store normally, it would cost them 600 Pokecoins. A single Remote Raid Pass only costs 100 Pokecoins.

Many players thought this was a great deal, and Reddit user eQuantix shared their positive opinion stating, “Might be in the minority but I don’t completely hate this change…”

The post was swarmed by users taking sides either in favor or against the new change. Some claimed they would much prefer getting incubators or incense over Remote Raid Passes.

However, there was a large number of users who didn’t see Niantic continuing to offer boxes of this value. “It’s gonna start getting worse from here,” one user claimed, while another commented, “My money’s on 50 Pokeballs by week 3.”

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Trainers also theorized that the first box without Remote Raid Passes would be premium to soften the blow. “This is so we forget about the remotes and they slowly make the weekly gift worse and worse until it’s just balls and revives again.”

Yet, many trainers are very excited about getting their hands on a few Super Incubators. We’ll just have to see what Pokemon Go is offering next Monday at 6 AM local time.