Pokemon Go players reveal how often they get stopped by angry strangers

Screenshot of scared Pikachu from Pokemon anime next to Go logo.The Pokemon Company / Niantic

A Pokemon Go community post went viral online after players revealed how often they get stopped by strangers – sometimes even police – while playing the Nintendo mobile title.

Pokemon Go exploded into a cultural phenomena in 2016, with millions  around the world venturing outside their homes to capture their favorite monsters.  The mobile title made every 90s kids dream a reality by bringing the RPG to real life.

Unfortunately, the real world can sometimes be unsettling & unpredictable. A viral post online had players sharing their most ridiculous stories of times when their attempt to play the Nintendo game was interrupted by angry strangers, and even law enforcement.

Pokemon GO AR promotion.Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Go players trying to catch their favorite Pokemon outside have been known to be harassed by strangers.

Pokemon Go community opens up about how often they get stopped

The conversation was first sparked by a user on Reddit who asked fellow Trainers: “How many times have police stopped you for playing Pokémon Go?” The fan then detailed a scary encounter where a stranger ambushed them.

“I slowly drive around the old town part of my city around 11 at night, and after an hour, a man jumps in front of my car and takes a picture of both me and my license and says he already called the cops on me for “suspicious” activity,” they said.

Despite trying to reason with the angry bystander, the player was forced to leave the Pokestop. The disturbing story had the community opening up about their own experiences playing the Pokemon game outside.

Many players explained they had been stopped by more strangers than actual law enforcement. One user wrote, “This crazy taxi driver pulls up in front of me and starts screaming about Uber and Lyft taking his business. He kept yelling and threatening to call the cops.”

A handful of Trainers also wrote about how they would often get accused of filming or taking pictures when using the mobile title AR scan feature. “I was doing a 360 for my Pokestop submission in the park where I live, and as I was spinning an old woman started yelling at me “HEY! WHY ARE U RECORDING MY BALCONY!” one penned.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go players telling scary stories.

One fan even had a frightening encounter with the military due to a poorly placed Gym location on the map.

“I was once approached by a military man because I was waiting just outside one of their facilities for a raid time to start. Scared the crap out of me. Never even tried to stop at that gym again lol,” they said.

Screenshot of Reddit user telling tragic Pokemon story.

While many players detailed encounters with police, it was surprising at just how often it was angry strangers instead who would stop them from playing the popular mobile title. The general consensus among fans was to just admit you are playing Go if anyone asks. Although in many cases it didn’t seem to matter.

If nothing else, the thread is an interesting look at what many Pokemon fans have to put up with just to play their favorite game. It’s also a cautionary tale to not only be aware of your surroundings for hazards, but apparently frustrated bystanders as well.