Pokemon Go players frustrated after earning fewer rewards from Raid Battles

Philip Trahan
pokemon go ho oh razz berry header

Pokemon Go players have been frustrated after noticing they’re earning fewer and fewer rewards for completing Raid Battles.

There are plenty of Raid Battles for Pokemon Go fans to participate in during the Rising Heroes season, with the current list featuring Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Thundurus.

Raids not only give players the chance to catch some truly strong Pokemon but they also give out rewards like Golden Razz Berries and Stardust.

Unfortunately, some trainers have claimed they’ve received fewer and fewer rewards after taking on Raid Battles—which often require some investment to begin with.

Pokemon Go players notice dwindling Raid Battle rewards

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit sparked a discussion among the community when one user shared a screenshot of a Ho-Oh raid with the caption, “My reward from this raid was a net -12 Golden Razz Berries.”

The OP attached a screenshot that showed the Ho-Oh ended up running away from the raid and they earned three Golden Razz Berries and 1,000 Stardusts for completing the battle.

Other members of the community shared their own experiences after they noticed fewer rewards received after raids, with many confused about whether this is a bug or something else. “Have seen similar reports about barely any rewards received. Is this a bug or is this Niantic messing the game a little more” asked one trainer.

Another player claimed they spoke to Niantic Support after their lack of Raid rewards and were compensated. “I got this yesterday and posted in the other thread. Contacted support and they gave me a remote raid pass. That’s nice, but part of in person 5 star raids is rare candy/ rare XL which remote raids don’t reward as [much.]”

Others expressed frustration with the Raid system in general and said trainers shouldn’t be able to fail catching 5-Star Raid bosses at all, especially after defeating them in battle. This is similar to how Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raids.

“I feel like especially with 5 star bosses you should not actually be able to fail the catch once you’ve beaten the raid. It just feels like when a vending machine eats your dollar but worse…”

Whether or not this is an ongoing bug or something Niantic has quietly adjusted behind the scenes remains unclear. Hopefully, fans can get some clarification sooner rather than later.