Pokemon Go players demand more accessibility options for 7th anniversary

Philip Trahan
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With Pokemon Go’s 7th anniversary on the horizon, some players think it’s high time the mobile game gets some robust accessibility options.

Though many Pokemon Go fans likely remember how the mobile game became a phenomenon that took the world by storm in the summer of 2016, it may be hard to believe that Pokemon Go’s 7th Anniversary is fast approaching.

Like many live service titles, Pokemon Go will undoubtedly hold another Anniversary event celebration as July 2023 approaches, and fans are no doubt eager to see what new content comes to the game.

However, instead of new Pokemon, some fans want to see some accessibility features finally make their way to Pokemon Go — something the experience is sorely lacking.

Pokemon Go players want to see more accessibility options

The call for accessibility options gained traction TheSilphRoad subreddit, where one fan made a post titled, “In five weeks Pokémon Go turns 7 and to this day it has no accessibility settings.”

The OP explained, “In a time where other games come with extensive accessibility settings I think it’s a massive black mark on Niantic that their games come with none whatsoever.”

In recent years, the gaming industry as a whole has made a substantial effort to accommodate more gamers than ever, with dedicated, robust features surrounding color blind settings, button mapping, and much more.

As such, this trainer asked the community what accessibility options they’d like to see make their way to the game, and even gave a few of their own. These included dedicated color blindness settings, a setting to change tapping gestures to hold gestures, and adjustable text size.

Other fans in the comments agreed the game needs more options like these, and shared how these suggestions would be helpful to them. “I could use adjustable text sizes! I’ve [got] an astigmatism with my eyes and they don’t always like to sit still,” said one user.

Another trainer suggested an option to limit the white flashes that sometimes appear while playing. “I’d love an option to get rid of the white flashes you get while switching screens…Bright flashes tend to trigger migraines for me.”

As accessibility in Pokemon Go has been a hot-button topic in recent months, it would likely go a long way toward community sentiment should Niantic add some of these options to the game. Of course, whether or not this comes to fruition remains to be seen.

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