Pokemon Go player shocked to discover internet best friend at same Showcase in another country

Josh Taylor
Pokemon Go player friends

Pokemon Go player claims to have found a long-distance friend they met in the game at a PokeStop Showcase on the other side of the world while celebrating the New Year.

Niantic revealed that Pokemon Go players would be able to compete in local PokeStop Showcase events back in July 2023.

This new type of competition has given players a feature to promote their own favorite Pokemon, as well as the chance to earn various rewards such as Stardust, XP, and Fast TMs.

However, one player has discovered something they never expected from taking part in a Showcase event. They found their “internet best friend” had taken part in the exact same PokeStop Showcase, despite it being located outside of their differing home countries.

Pokemon Go player finds in-game best friend at PokeStop Showcase on other side of the world

Pokemon Go player Ariacilon revealed a screenshot that showed their long-distance friend was a part of the same PokeStop Showcase event, as one of only 129 trainers.

“To my random internet best friend I added through Reddit long ago, Robin5579, to see you in a showcase outside of our home countries made me really happy! What are the odds?!” Ariacilon posted.

“I have 100 friends in Pokemon. I’ve been living in Japan for the past 10 years. I visited Venice for New Year’s and much to my surprise, one of my friends was already in a Showcase. Based on the gifts they send, it is not their home country either,” they further claimed in the comments.

Many praised the “crazy” occurrence, “The only ‘what are the odds?’ post I want to see,” one replied, as another joked: “In before this guy is your stalker, and he messed up and blew his cover.”

Whether or not the claimed happening is indeed true, considering how many millions of players there are around the world, it would be an insane coincidence.

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