Pokemon Go player claims they were threatened with a gun for spinning church Pokestops

Zackerie Fairfax
pokestop gun

A Pokemon Go player claims they were threatened with a gun to leave church property while attempting to spin a Pokestop during the Go Fest Finale.

Pokemon Go, while a game geared toward a young jovial fanbase, has often put players in dangerous situations. Unaware players have been hit by cars while looking down at their phones, while more recent stories tell of players who have been shot while catching Pokemon.

With a game like PoGo – one that encourages exploration – the various news stories of players caught trespassing is expected. However, even players who stick to hunting in public areas are subject to dangerous encounters.

Reddit user Dues-system-failed is one such player who recently came into contact with hostile churchgoers during the Pokemon Go Fest Finale event. Luckily, they were able to walk away from the situation rattled but unscathed.

Pokemon Go PokeStop screenshot wallpaper.

Pokemon Go player shares terrifying encounter

In a post on the r/pokemongo subreddit, Dues claims that, while playing Pokemon Go, they had stopped at a church they normally swing by to spin its two Pokestops. However, a couple of men emerged from the church ready to escort OP off of the property.

“I was passing through to a church I regularly visit to spin their two pokestops and gym.” Dues stated. “Two older white men came out of the back of the church and told me I was trespassing on private property. I told them I would be leaving in just a moment and that it was a public space.”

Dues went on to detail how the men came “uncomfortably close” before one lifted their shirt to reveal a handgun inside of its holster. They claimed one of the men stated, “Private property boy, you come here again we’ll get county involved.” “County” as in reference to a Sheriff’s Department.

However, OP beat them to the punch. On the way back to their car, Dues called the local law enforcement officers and told the authorities about the threat. They claim to have never heard back from the police.

Dues shared in the comments that this wasn’t their first time being stopped at these Pokestops stating, “I’ve been stopped by police before and they never had an issue and even people at this church have asked and been fine with it.”

Other players suggested they report the stops to Niantic so trainers can avoid getting caught in a similar (or worse) situation.