Pokemon Go player catches shiny Kleavor during college graduation ceremony

Anna Koselke
Shiny Kleavor Pokemon

One Pokemon Go player has shared a rare catch on Reddit, but what makes this Kleavor find especially unique is the fact that it was caught mid-graduation.

There are few games out there that boast the global player base Pokemon Go does. Providing accessibility to its gameplay by being a mobile game, the creature collectathon offers a nice change of pace from the series’ other titles.

Pokemon trainers can explore their local outdoor areas to find Pokemon in a manner that almost simulates what catching the little monsters would be like in real life. The ability to play literally anywhere also results in some pretty funny stories, with fans catching Pokemon during big real-world events.

One Pokemon Go player boasted their shiny Kleavor catch on Reddit, although the Pokemon‘s rarity is not the only thing that made their post go viral within the community. The poster actually caught the uncommon version while at their own college graduation ceremony.

Pokemon Go player snags a shiny Kleavor during their graudation

A Pokemon Go fan took to Reddit to post about their rare catch, showing off a shiny Kleavor. The Kleavor’s coloring and low find rate are not what made the thread go viral, however, but rather the background behind the Pokemon.

The player was sitting at their own college graduation ceremony while playing the game, captioning their photo with, “No better time to Raid!” Other fans of Pokemon Go quickly responded to the post, expressing their opinions on the well-timed catch.

One player wrote, “Congrats on the shiny and studies,” while another simply commented, “Priorities.” Others related to the original poster’s shiny scenario, stating that they, too, had done similar. A person wrote, “I did my Kleavor raids during Berkshire halfway investor meeting.”

Another replied to the post, saying, “For a second, I thought you were the other person I was raiding with at MY college commencement ceremony, but I don’t think you were.” It seems that catching and hunting Pokemon while attending events in real life is not all too rare within the community.

Pokemon Go players, if nothing else, are certainly dedicated to their games and the catchable creatures within them. There is no wrong time to go catching them all, and this newly-graduated trainer has proven that with their shiny Kleavor.

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