Pokemon Go player begs for missing feature after being swamped with Eggs

Pokemon Go Egg ManagementNiantic

Pokemon Go still lacks features that help players manage inventory, and a fan swamped in 10km Eggs is begging for a way to clean up and make space.

Pokemon Go players often find themselves balancing storage in the mobile app. Whether it is the “bag is full” notification while spinning a PokeStop, or running out of room for new catches, it seems like bags are never big enough to contain the game’s ample selection of items.

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While it is possible to purchase expansions for bag and Pokemon storage, other pockets have remained small – including Egg storage. Currently, players have nine standard Egg slots, and 3 “Bonus” slots for 12km Team Go Rocket leader rewards or weekly walking gifts. Unfortunately, the small amount of space can easily become clogged.

There are numerous ways for players to earn Eggs, including the ones found in Gifts as well as the ones offered as rewards from PokeStop spins. However, while the 2km eggs are a breeze to hatch, getting bogged down with 10km eggs can quickly become a problem.

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Pokemon Go players want to trash their Eggs

In a post by Homeless_Alex on the Pokemon Go subreddit, the player sends out a request to Niantic, stating: “Can we please get the option to discard eggs? This really sucks without incubators when trying for 7km event Pokemon”.

Pokemon Go fans in the comments share their own thoughts, with one skeptical player replying, “Niantic wants you to purchase incubators in the shop, if they let you delete they lose money” while another adds, “Every time I have an egg slot open I always do something dumb to immediately fill it with an egg I wasn’t wanting at the moment. Me: gets an open egg slot Sunday night Me: wants the Monday adventure sync egg on Monday Me: spins a poke stop on the way work”.

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Players express that they would be more interested in purchasing incubators and other premium items if they had more control over their Pokemon Go Egg storage, which could be an incentive for Niantic to add a discard or expansion feature in a future update.

Because other storage options in the game have been overhauled, there is hope that Egg storage improvements could be possible sometime in the near future.