Pokemon Go player devastated as Legendary spawn ends in disaster

Pokemon Go MoltresNiantic

A Pokemon Go player has shared a gutting video clip of a Legendary wild encounter while exploring outside. Just as they go to click on Moltres, the game seems to glitch, and then the Legendary Bird flees from the screen.

Bumping into Legendary Pokemon outside of Raid battles in Pokemon Go is exceptionally rare. Though they don’t usually have the competitive stats or CP many fans would prefer, these special finds are considered a true accomplishment.

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Recently, the majority of Pokemon Go fans have been hunting the Galarian Legendary Bird trio, which is exclusive to the new Adventure Incense that can be used once daily. Many players have shared their struggles with the birds, showcasing low spawn rates, high fleeing rates, and painfully difficult catch rates.

However, these aren’t the only Legendary Pokemon that can spawn on the GPS maps of Pokemon Go, and a player has shared a heartbreaking video clip where an encounter goes sideways – and not because of a bad throw.

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Pokemon Go glitches costs player a Legendary

In a Twitter post uploaded by Twitch streamer ItsFleeceKing, the player shares a clip of a Kantoanian Moltres on the overworld map. When the player attempts to click on the bird to challenge it, the game hangs, the player avatar momentarily vanishing, before the Moltres flees in a cloud of dust.

The player shares their disbelief and frustration, with the text about the video reading, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP WHY!?!?”

Other Pokemon Go fans in the comments commiserate with ItsFleeceKing, with one responding “But…was that…but I….” and another adding “I sense this a traumatic re-occurring situation with Moltres…”.

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Another player has shared their own experiences with the glitch, adding, “It’s a bug. It happened to me 3 times already”.

Sadly, these types of bugs and glitches have become common in Pokemon Go. Players have shared several frustrating issues with event start times, Pokemon Raids not working correctly, and even issues with the new team leader visuals. While cosmetic glitches can be funny, problems with actual Pokemon encounters aren’t at all amusing.

Hopefully, ItsFleeceKing has the chance to encounter another Kantonian Moltres on the map in the future, offering the invested Pokemon Go player the chance to score a rare and exciting catch.

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