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Pokemon Go June July Community Day – Who should you vote to headline?

Published: 23/May/2020 14:33

by Paul Cot


The next Pokemon Go Community Day will be decided by you. Who should you vote for though – Gastly, Sandshrew, Squirtle or Weedle?

Unlike the first vote, this will one will take place on Twitter. It will begin on Saturday, May 23, 6pm PDT and exactly 24 hours later on Sunday, May 24, 6pm PDT.

The Pokemon that receives the most votes will headline the Pokemon Go June Community Day, while the second most votes will headline in July. The results will be revealed shortly after.

With the poll ready, which Pokemon deserves your prestigious vote? The options are Gastly, Sandshrew, Squirtle or Weedle – interestingly all species from the Kanto region.


Squirtle Community Day
Could Squirtle return nearly two years after it first headlined a Community Day?


Squirtle may prove a tough Pokemon to out-vote considering it is one of the infamous starters. The Kanto water-type has already headlined a Pokemon Go Community Day back in July of 2018. It will be interesting to see if this affects Squirtle’s chances of getting a second headline.

As is customary in Community Days each species’ final evolution will get an exclusive move. If you evolve Wartortle into Blastoise during the event it will learn the Charge Move Aura Sphere.

Trainers will recognize this move from Lucario – currently the only Pokemon capable of learning it. It is a fighting-type move so Blastoise won’t get the benefit of STAB but it remains powerful nonetheless with a damage per energy of 1.8.


Used alongside Ice Beam or even Hydro Cannon, you will have an intimidating Blastoise on your hands. Aura Sphere will definitely convince a lot of trainers to vote for Squirtle but some may opt for a new headliner.

Weedle Community Day
Weedle may not be intimidating but Beedrill certainly is…


One of those could be the fan-favorite Weedle. The iconic bug-type is an interesting option given its soft appearance, although there is nothing soft-looking about Beedrill.

If you evolve Kakuna into the Posion Bee Pokemon you’ll get the exclusive move Drill Run. This ground-type move will be Beedrill’s most powerful move.

However, in truth it will still remain a relatively weak Pokemon. It just doesn’t have the stats or moveset to be a contender in either PvE or PvP in Pokemon Go. This could hinder it when it comes to the vote although Weedle’s popularity could be a deciding factor.


Sandshrew Community Day
Sandshrew also has an Alolan form…


Sandshrew is currently the Pokemon trailing the vote in the test run the Pokemon Go Twitter account is conducting. If Sandshrew does come out on top though, it will come with a very useful Fast Move in Shadow Claw.

The ghost-type move is a noticeable improvement on Kanto Sandslash’s Mud Shot and Alolan Sandslash’s Powder Snow. Having essentially two different species of Pokemon that can learn this exclusive move may help Sandshrew in the vote, too.

Unfortunately, Sandslash isn’t very strong and even with Shadow Claw it won’t compete with the current meta.

Gengar Community Day
Gastly (Haunter) evolves into the powerful ghost-type attacker Gengar…


Gastly is currently leading the test vote and from a competitive standpoint, it isn’t hard to see why. Gengar will be capable of learning the exclusive move Shadow Punch which while it isn’t a particularly powerful move, it is a fast-charging ghost-type attack.


This means Gengar will benefit from STAB but perhaps more importantly be able to bait Protect Shields in GO Battle League. Shadow Punch mixed with the ever powerful Shadow Ball could be a deadly combination.

Gengar is also among the best ghost-type attackers in Raid Battles and trainers may fancy bolstering their teams for Raids against psychic and other ghost-types.

Of course, who you vote for is down to your own preference. On paper though, it looks like Gastly and Squirtle are the best choices when it comes to use in Pokemon Go.