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Pokemon Go Johto Celebration event: date & time, Shiny Miltank, Entei, Raikou & Suicune raids

Published: 19/Jan/2021 23:04 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 0:25

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go is rounding out the first month of 2021 by revisiting the Johto region. Players will be able to catch favorites from 1999’s Gold & Silver as well as battle Legendary ‘mon Entei, Raikou & Suicune. 

Niantic has kicked off 2021 by looking back at all previous regions leading up to the Kanto Tour in February. Closing out January, Pokemon Go players will get to revisit Johto.

The epic celebration will include classic Gen II ‘mon, as well as special raids featuring the RPG’s Legendaries. Here is everything you need to know.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Johto starters.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Niantic is celebrating the Johto region in January.

Pokemon Go Johto Celebration date & start time

The Johto festivities will officially start on Tuesday, January 26th 10:00AM local time and run until Sunday, 31st at 8:00PM. Players logging on will see an increased spawn rates of ‘mon from Gold & Silver.


Like previous regions, the mobile title will also feature a “challenge” based on characters from the celebrated game, as well as special Field Research that will lead to rewards.

The limited time event will only run for around six days, so fans of Gen II should make sure to mark their calendars and take advantage of all the features listed below.

Screenshot of Shiny Miltank next to Pokemon Go logo.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Trainers can get their hands on a Shiny Miltank during the Gen II event.

Pokemon Go Johto Celebration features & items

  • Increase spawn rate: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Mareep, Hoppip, Aipom, Sunkern, Yanma, Murkrow, Gligar, Snubbull, Slugma, Miltank.
  • Shiny: Miltank.
  • 5km Eggs: Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Wooper, Tyrogue, Smoochum, and Larvitar.
  • Field Research: Stardust or Pokemon encounters – Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chinchou, Mareep, Sudowoodo, and Miltank.
  • Collection Challenge: Rewards for completing – 15 Poke Balls, 10 Ultra Balls, and an Incense.
Screenshot of Beasts Trio in Pokemon Go Johto celebration.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Go players will be able to catch the Beasts Trio in Raids during the Johto Celebration.

Pokemon Go Johto Celebration raids

One, three, and five star raids have been revealed for the Johto Celebration. The selection of Pokemon players will face range from Larvitar to Eeveelutions Umbreon and Espeon.

The legendary beasts trio Entei, Raikou, Suicune will also make an appearance in raids, although each ‘mon will have their own separate dates.


  • 1 Star Raids: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Mareep, Marill, and Larvitar.
  • 3 Star Raids: Togetic, Espeon, Umbreon, Skarmory, and Miltank.

Legendary Beasts raids – five star

  • Entei: Tuesday, January 26th 10:00AM local to Sunday, January 31st 10:00AM local time.
  • Raikou: Sunday, January 31st 10:00AM local to Thursday, February 4th 10:00 local time.
  • Suicune: Thursday, February 4th 10:00 local t0 Tuesday February 9th 10:00 local time.

Not only is the Johto Celebration packed full of events and goodies, but according to Serebii, Trainers will also be able to get previous Community Day moves when evolving Meganium, Ampharos, and Tyranitar.

Niantic will follow up the Gen II festivities with a massive Kanto Tour event which celebrates Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. So fans of the Nintendo series have a lot to be excited for in 2021.