Pokemon Go bug strikes at worst possible time and players love the “plot”

David Purcell
pikachu shocked in pokemon go

Pokemon Go’s visual bugs have created all sorts of hilarious things over the years, from unofficial Shiny species to new forms, but this one takes the cake with unfortunate timing.

Glitches in Pokemon Go can sometimes affect the way a Pokemon appears during an encounter, or in battle.

Often, these glitches will change the color of a species, affect the background of what can be seen on the camera, or – in rare cases – force you to close the game completely. In some cases, the mouths and eyes of Pokemon encountered have even glitched out to create an absolutely haunting battle experience.

In the next chapter of the weird and wonderful, one user has discovered a merging of two Pokemon, creating a literal monster.

Pokemon Go visual glitch is an instant meme

The discovery was made by Reddit user Calm-Dragonfruit-547, who posted the find to the Pokemon Go page on August 23.

In the caption, they joked: “I play the Pokemon for the plot.”

In this instance, the Poison-type Grimer has appeared on the player’s in-game map with what appears to be two Voltorb pressed snuggly behind it. This mashup looks crazy, and it goes without saying what the unfortunate combination appears as.

The post has since been upvoted over 5,900 times, with many members of the community finding the funny side of what happened.

One said: “Muk spelled backwards is…” Another said: “And the plot thickens.”

A third user replied with another internet meme: “Everything reminds me of her.”

This is just one of many hilarious interactions that have been created by visual bugs in Pokemon Go. Some have even made it appear as if Pokemon are breeding.

Whether this type of thing will be patched in the future, or left for people to laugh at, remains to be seen.