Strange Pokemon Go glitch is ruining Candy sprite for players

Pokemon Go and the candiesNiantic

An odd Pokemon Go glitch is stripping the color from the Candy sprite and ruining the look of it for players around the world.

With neverending updates, community days, and events approaching the wonderful world of Pokemon Go, a few glitches and bugs are to be expected.

After all, no game is perfect and one that has a fanbase as big as this will struggle to let anything fall through the cracks of their perceptive eyes.

One strange Pokemon Go glitch has impacted Pokemon catching for a variety of players. It involves essentially taking away the color from the original design, only showing the blue strips rather than the ball many recognize. The candy blends into the background of the caught popup and frankly looks very odd.

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Pokemon Go Candy sprite glitch discovered

A member of the Pokemon Go community took to Reddit to ask if anyone else had experienced the same bug.

The post quickly gained traction once it was revealed that this was a common glitch that plenty of fans had been experiencing. Over 4,400 users have upvoted it, at the time of writing.

A commenter explained that this has been going on for “over a week now” with others confirming that they started seeing the issues after the beginning of the Starly Community Day.

The issue itself is only affecting the normal candies and is purely a visual bug, so you don’t need to worry about losing out on any candies.

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It is a glitch that occurs throughout all candy sprites so expect to see it among every caught Pokemon if the glitch is occurring in your own game.

This has been noted as a known issue by Niantic Support among a few other bugs. The known issues page mentions that the Pokemon Go Candy sprite glitch is being resolved in the next patch update which will be rolled out on July 29.