Pokemon Go glitch breaks Remote Raids with ‘10,000 XP’ reward

Pokemon Ash Ketchum next to Pokemon Go bugNiantic / The Pokemon Company

A bizarre Pokemon Go glitch is breaking Remote Raid encounters, which is posing a big problem when it comes to Legendary ‘mon like Zacian. It also gives the illusion of 10,000 XP, only to snatch it away heartlessly.

As the Ultra Unlock 2021: Sword & Shield event wraps up before the Season of Mischief, Pokemon Go players are using the end of the celebration to capture Gen 8 Legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta in 5-star Raids.

Some payers who waited till the last minute, however, have found themselves unable to obtain the mythical beasts due to an annoying glitch. The error not only prevents them from catching the ‘mon but it also cruelly teases them with XP they aren’t actually receiving.

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Pokemon Go Zacian ZamazentaNiantic
Some Pokemon Go players are unable to catch the Galar Legendaries due to a glitch.

Pokemon Go glitch breaks Legendary Zacian & Zamazenta raids

During the August Ultra Unlock Event, Galar Pokemon came raining down from time rift rings created by Hoopa. The celebration’s main event consisted of special 5-star raids featuring Sword & Shield’s Legendary ‘mon.

According to reports from some users, however, the Zacian & Zamazenta raid bosses have become broken by a pesky bug plaguing remote raids. Player ‘Caran0’ recorded a video of the glitch and uploaded it to the r/TheSilphRoad forum.

In the video, we see the user defeating Shield Legendary Zamazenta and trying to catch it. Instead of the usual catch animation though, the character instead instantly runs away and the Trainer is kicked back to the map with an error that reads “The Pokemon Can’t Be Found (25).”

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The player is then unable to re-join the raid and instead is met with a rewards menu where they receive 10k XP. The only problem is, the experience points aren’t actually added to their account, meaning they are left empty-handed.

Unfortunately, the glitch seems to be random and at the time of writing, Niantic has yet to address it. Oddly, this isn’t the first time such a bug has existed with Legendary raids, although the false XP certainly adds insult to injury.

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