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Pokemon Go February Community Day rumors

Published: 20/Jan/2020 12:55

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go 2020 February Community Day is up next but we still don’t know anything about it! Here are the potential headlining Pokemon.

What date in February will it be?

Not only does the headliner remain a mystery but we also don’t know when it will take place – other than it will be in February, of course. Over the last year, Niantic have been announcing Community Day dates long in advance.

In 2020 however, they have yet to do so. That said, we can expect them to share some form of schedule soon, given how popular the notice has become with trainers.

The events have deviated between Saturday and Sunday, and the last five Community Days have taken place between the 10th and 20th of the month. With this said, February 15/16 seem the most likely dates for the 2020 edition.


The likes of Swinub, Bagon, Slakoth and Trapinch featured on even months in 2019.

Who will headline?

That’s the all-important question – who will be headlining the February 2020 Community Day? As it’s an even month, it is far from predictable.

Starter Pokemon are exclusively featured on odd months, with the even months leaving us to guess a little more. The non-starters tend to be rarely seen in the wild and are three-stage evolution Pokemon.

Gible February
Pokemon Fandom
Could Gible headline the February Pokemon Go Community Day?


Pokemon Go players will have different opinions as to who they want to see the headline the February 2020 Community Day, but there’s no doubt a very popular choice would be Gible.

The dual ground and dragon-type is sparsely seen in the Pokemon Go wild and trainers would welcome the chance to catch it in abundance during the monthly three-hour window. Some other Community Day Pokemon aren’t particularly useful when it comes to battling, but Gible’s final evolved form, Garchomp, is actually pretty powerful.


There’s a lot of competition from other dragon-types, and it’s ground types aren’t the strongest. Nevertheless, if you can find one with Dragon Tail and Earthquake (or whatever the exclusive move would be) then you have a very useful Pokemon on your hands.

Deino February
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February 2020 might come a little too soon for a Deino Community Day…


A seemingly less likely contender is Deino, but the dual dark- and dragon-type would be another popular choice.

It is resistant to no less than seven other types, although it is vulnerable against five, with fairy-types being a notable double weakness. Hydreigon, its final evolved form, has excellent attacking stats.

However, as Gen 5 Pokemon were only released a few months ago, and Deino is one of the more favored among fans, February is perhaps a little soon for it. Now might be unlikely but we can certainly expect to see it in a Community Day down the line. The same logic may rule out Unova’s Axew, too.


Porygon February
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Would you be glad to see Porygon headline the February Community Day?


Some old school trainers might think of Porygon as having no evolutions. After all, Porygon2 wasn’t introduced until Gen 2.

Since then Porygon-Z has also been released, which came in the popular Pokemon Diamond & Pearl games. This has led some trainers to think its a viable Community Day contender.

Porygon-Z is quite a unique Pokemon. Despite it being a normal-type it has a variety of different move types it can learn. It also has great attack stats, but is lacking when it comes to defense and stamina.

Rhyhorn February
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Rhyperior is useful to have in Pokemon Go…


It had been rumored throughout 2019 that Rhyhorn would feature in a Community Day. Rhyperior was added in the Sinnoh region, giving Rhyhorn two evolved forms in the process.


In comparison to the above Pokemon, it is far more commonly seen, so a lot of trainers may already have the durable ground and rock-type.

It’s also a bit hit and miss when it comes to battling. It’s a disaster when using it against grass and water-types but is doubly effective against electric and poison Pokemon. Rhyperior is well worth having among your team, thanks to its strength, but make sure to remember its weaknesses, too.

What about the bonuses?

As we’ve had 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance in both November and January, 2x Catch XP or 2x Catch Stardust are the seemingly more likely bonuses for February. This will almost certainly be complemented by the ever-present three-hour lures.


The Pokemon Go February Community Day is potentially less than a month away and Niantic have so far kept us in the dark. We can expect an announcement in the coming days!