Pokemon Go fans want massive change to how raids are displayed

Pokemon Go Raid BattlesThe Pokemon Company/Niantic

Pokemon Go fans on Reddit are calling for Niantic to make massive changes to how raids are displayed in the game, which includes the addition of lobby information.

Released in 2017, Raid Battles have become an integral part of Pokemon Go. Whether it be casual playing or hunting for the latest legendary shiny to be released, fans love it.

However, many believe it could be improved with just a few features.

Pokemon Go fans on Reddit agree on a set of new raid-focused features that they’d love to see Niantic add to the game in the future.

Pokemon Go fans want massive change to Raid Battles

On February 17, Redditor diegovalwoomy posted his idea for changes to the raid battle interface in the game, and many others want it to be added.

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“If there are other players in Raids near your area, there should be a small icon of how much time left there is and how many players are in the raid lobby,” he said.

In the picture, you can see icons over each of the raids that show green, yellow, or red depending on the amount of time left in the lobby and shows how many people are currently waiting.

“That’s an excellent idea, the interface is as simple as it should be. I hope Niantic notices you,” one user replied.

Another user said: “Useful idea for remotes, but the thing is, Niantic wants people to raid in person. Putting those numbers there doesn’t help since you wouldn’t be able to get to the gym in time.”

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However, some others have expressed concerns about latency with the timers.

“I guess one potential problem with this would be the latency of the system. You’d generate a lot of traffic, checking the status of all gyms in the vicinity, and this would happen for every player present,” one player commented.

Whether or not Niantic ever adds features like these into Pokemon Go is still up in the air, but we’ll make sure you know the moment anything is announced — if it ever happens.

In the meantime, head over to our Pokemon Go section for more event guides and other community news stories.

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