Pokemon Go fans outraged by “overpriced” Hoenn Tour Las Vegas tickets

pokemon go tour hoenn las vegas

It’s that time of year again when Pokemon Go hosts an event celebrating one of the franchise’s many regions, but fans are outraged over the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn ticket prices for the in-person Las Vegas event.

Toward the end of 2022, Niantic announced that the Pokemon Go Tour would return in February 2023 and that players could look forward to encountering some of their favorite creatures from the Hoenn region. The event is scheduled to take place on February 25 – 26.

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But to kick off the festivities, players can travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, for an exclusive in-person two-day Hoenn Tour event. And while in-person event tickets usually only include one day of play, Niantic allows players to “evolve” their ticket by buying various add-ons.

This is the first time Niantic has offered these ticket upgrades and buying them all more than doubles the price of the event ticket. While players receive various bonuses, many feel the $85 price tag is “way overpriced.”

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Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour tickets leave players furious

The cost of the base ticket that gives players access to Sunset Park in Las Vegas and all of the in-game bonuses is $30. It’s a hefty toll to pay for eight hours of play, but that’d not what players are finding insulting.

It’s the new “Special Ticket Add-ons” that are intended to “evolve” the in-person experience that have left players disgruntled. Players can spend $25 more for the Extra Day Add-On, which allows them to play both days, and $15 each for the Raid Lover and Egg-thusiast Add-Ons.

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However, players have pointed out that the bonuses you get from purchasing the Raid Lover and Egg-thusiast Add-Ons usually are free for players during each event. These include candy/stardust multipliers and additional XP from Raids.

The comments of a Reddit post made by user Uunikana were flooded with fans outraged by prices. Multiple users thought the $85 price was a joke until after researching the ticket on their own. “I thought you guys were joking……. Why is this not a joke?” one user commented.

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Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon in Pokemon Go Tour HoennNiantic

Others mocked those who would choose to spend $85 staring at their phones for a day while in Vegas. “If you want lose $85 there is a lot more fun way to do so in Las Vegas of all places.” one user stated, while another wrote, “Imagine paying $85 to stare at your phone screen.”

This also led to several trainers urging other players to stop purchasing these tickets. They theorized that a drop in sales would show Niantic they need to lower their event prices.

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