Pokemon Go fan shows off incredible luck with “accidental” Shiny encounter

Philip Trahan
pokemon go shiny slugma header

A Pokemon Go fan showed off a funny bit of luck after they misclicked in-game and ended up getting a Shiny encounter out of it.

As many Pokemon fans know, one of the rarest things that can happen in the game is encountering a Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon are monsters that have a different color palette than the original and have an incredibly slim chance of appearing in the wild. While the methods to obtain Shiny Pokemon have become a bit easier as the franchise has gone on, the odds of encountering one normally are still very low.

These odds make one Pokemon Go fan’s Shiny encounter story all the more incredible, as they encountered one thanks to an “accidental” misclick while playing the game.

Pokemon Go trainer encounters Shiny after “accidental” misclick

The story comes from Calplush12 on the Pokemon Go subreddit, where they showed a screenshot of their encounter with a Shiny Slugma. The screenshot was accompanied by a caption that said, “Accidentally hit ‘Use Now’ on my daily and this little booger spawned. Not mad at all.”

For those who may not know, Pokemon Go gives players an item called Daily Adventure Incense once a day. This item lasts for 15 minutes and makes it more likely that wild Pokemon will spawn provided players are moving.

In the OP’s case, it seems they weren’t actively trying to get that extra wild spawn boost, but mistakenly hit the wrong button while browsing their inventory. Thankfully they did, otherwise, they may have missed the chance to catch their rare Slugma.

Trainers in the comments shared their own stories about how they coincidentally stumbled upon their own Shiny Pokemon. “Nice!! I felt a little touch of psychic abilities earlier this week, almost closed the app instead of clicking on a Pinsir spawn and while thinking ‘I wonder what the shiny looks like,’ I did it any way, then boom shiny,” said one player.

It just goes to show that sometimes these rare Pokemon show up when trainers least expect them.

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