Pokemon Go dataminer leaks new Mega Evolutions coming soon

pokemon go mega alakazam

Notable Pokemon Go leakers PokeMiners have uncovered new Mega Evolutions that are supposedly coming soon.

Mega Evolutions are a fan favorite mechanic introduced in Pokemon X & Y. Through the use of a Mega Stone, players can evolve a Pokemon from a select group once per battle to give them immense strength.

In August of 2020, Mega Evolutions made their way into Pokemon Go. While at first, they weren’t well received by players, a series of reworks has made them viable in raids and PvP battles.

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However, not every Mega Evolution made it into the mobile game at first. Niantic has taken the approach it has with regular and shiny Pokemon and releases one or two new Mega Evolution every so often. And thanks to leakers, we know which one is coming next.

Mega Evolutions were added to Pokemon Go in 2020.

Mega Alakazam coming to Pokemon Go

PokeMiners, a group of dataminers who dig through the files of each Pokemon Go update, recently discovered a new Mega Evolution coming to the game. On July 14, they posted an update to Twitter showing the portraits for Mega Alakazam.

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The Gen 1 psychic-type Pokemon has been in Pokemon Go since day 1, so long-time players have had plenty of time to capture a good one by now. And the replies to the Mega Evolution announcement prove just that.

Several players commented on PokeMiners’ announcement with screenshots of their own Alakazam. They ranged from 100% battle-ready ‘mons to Shiny low-stat beauties. Nevertheless, players expressed their excitement for a new Mega.

Some fans want Alakazam and his line of evolutions to get their own event, and others are excited for the Mega’s ability to counter strong Psychic-type legendaries.

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That being said, we don’t know when Mega Alakazam will make its Pokemon Go debut. We will just have to wait until Niantic makes an official announcement in the future.