Pokémon GO Mega Evolutions may be overhauled, according to data mines

Pokemon Go Mega EvolutionNiantic

Pokémon Go’s Mega Evolution feature has been poorly-received since its inclusion in August 2020, but the latest data mining findings from the game may change that.

According to its fan base, Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Go haven’t lived up to their main-game counterparts.

Seemingly falling short of expectations, the Pokemon X/Y feature has been panned by the community for how Niantic initially handled the mainline mechanic.

While the feature has been improved since making its debut in August 2020, there appear to be changes on the horizon that could help to encourage a better reception to Mega Evolution amongst the community.

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Pokemon Go Mega Evolution Niantic
Pokemon Go Mega Evolution will be getting a much needed overhaul.

How does Mega Evolution work in Pokemon Go?

Mega Evolution works vastly different from its mainline counterpart, as most features do when integrated into Pokemon Go.

To Mega Evolve in the mobile game, the player must acquire and spend consumable Mega Energy to get their ‘mon to use the battle mechanic.

The consumable cost is significant, and players must complete Mega Raids to receive more of the resource.

Fans of the mobile game have a disdain for Mega Evolution. It has proved to be cumbersome; to use the mechanic effectively, players will need to acquire and stack a ton of energy, and the process for doing farming doesn’t yield enough benefits.

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Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go Niantic
Data Mining suggests that the new system will work like the friendship system.

Data Miners uncover massive Mega Evolution changes in Pokemon Go

Reliable data miners ‘PokeMiners’ has released new findings that could serve as a complete overhaul of the Mega Evolution feature in Pokemon Go as we know it. The data mines have found that Niantic may be incorporating a similar system for Mega Evolutions that the game currently uses for friends and Pokemon buddies.

Allowing the player to Mega Evolve a creature that they have previously mega evolved with little to no cost. Additionally, if your friendship is considerably high, you will have the option to decline using Mega Evolution energy to get your ‘mon to evolve.

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Niantic also seems to be implementing new benefits to the feature, as players will seemingly be able to acquire bonus Candy and XP from catching creatures in the wild.

Lastly, the evidence from the data mine suggests that Pokemon Go trainers will be able to Mega Evolve their precious partners in the raid lobby room.

As it appears that the evolution mechanic will be getting a complete reworking in the coming months, it’ll be fascinating to see how the community responds to the changes. And with more Mega Evolutions inevitably making their way to Pokemon Go, this could be just what the game needs.

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