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Pokemon GO Battle League announced along with special rewards

Published: 5/Mar/2020 15:25 Updated: 5/Mar/2020 15:28

by Paul Cot


It’s finally upon us! Pokemon GO Battle League Season 1 will begin on Friday, March 13. In addition to the announcement, Niantic have also revealed some interesting events in the build up to Battle League’s first season.

For those of you who don’t know, the new GO Battle League gives trainers the opportunity to compete against each other in Pokemon Go battles. Players are matched against similar levels opponents and are given the chance to ascend the ranks.


GO Battle League will rotate between three different leagues with, to begin with, only one in play at any particular time. This will allow a wide variety of Pokemon to be used and prevent only the very strongest trainers and Pokemon from being effective.

GO Battle League
Pokemon GO Battle League Season 1 will begin on March 13…

League schedule, start date

The leagues and their respective schedules are as follows:

  • Great League (1500 CP limit): Friday, March 13, 1pm PST to Friday, March 27, 1pm PDT
  • Ultra League (2500 CP limit): Friday, March 27, 1pm PDT to Friday, April 10, 1pm  PDT
  • Master League (no CP limit): Friday, April 10, 1pm PDT to Friday, April 24, 1pm PDT

All of these leagues will be available from Friday, April 24, 1pm PDT to Friday, May 1, 1pm PDT.

Chance to get Legendary and Mythical Pokemon

Even before Season 1 begins you’ll have the chance to add a Mythical Pokemon to your team. Darkrai will be available as a GO Battle League reward encounter (for those Rank 4 or above) from Friday, March 6, 8am to Monday, March 9, 10pm (all local times).

This coincides with the Darkrai special Raid weekend. It’s always useful to have a strong dark-type species on your team, especially one as strong as the Pitch-Black Pokemon.


The following weekend, over the same time period from March 13 to March 16, Altered Forme Giratina will be available as GO Battle League reward encounter. The Renegade Pokemon is an excellent all-round choice against a lot of different types.

Both Darkrai and Altered Forme Giratina can be found in their shiny form – if you’re really lucky, of course.

Events to warm up

Niantic have also announced some events to help trainers warm-up for GO Battle League Season 1, too. The first of those begins on Tuesday, March 10, 8am and finishes on Thursday, March 12, 10pm (local time).


It will feature the following:

  • Skarmory, Swampert, Shieldon, and more appearing in Raid Battles
  • Registeel and Cresselia appearing in five-star Raids
  • 2x Stardust for Raid Battles and Trainer Battles

The second event is a launch celebration for GO Battle League. It starts on Friday, March 13, 8am and finishing on Monday, March 16, 10pm (again local time) and includes:

  • More fighting-type Pokemon appearing in the wild
  • Receive a Premium Battle Pass when you win all five battles in a set on the premium track of the GO Battle League.
  • You’ll be able to complete seven sets of GO Battle League battles per day, up from the regular five sets, for a total of up to 35 battles a day!
  • Stardust bonus in the GO Battle League.

It has been years since Pokemon Go released but now trainers, finally, have a way to prove who the very best is.


Pokemon leak finally debunks mystery of “unfinished” Kalos region

Published: 19/Oct/2020 20:06 Updated: 19/Oct/2020 21:30

by Paul Cot


The mystery of the unfinished story of Pokemon X and Y’s Kalos region has been discussed in the Pokemon community for years. Now a leak appears to have revealed the details, or lack thereof.

With Xerneas and Yveltal getting their own game in the form of Pokemon X and Y, it seemed strange Zygarde didn’t get the same treatment. At one point in time, it was almost a given that Pokemon Z would materialize. Of course, that never happened.


A leak has seemingly revealed that a sequel to the Gen 6 game was planned but ultimately canceled. The reason for this remains unknown.

It was initially posted on 4chan and picked up on by Lewtwo. “There were reservations in place for a second pair of games to be based in Kalos,” the PokeYoutuber shared on Twitter.


Interestingly, the code revealed apparent reservations for two new games. This suggests they could have been called Pokemon X2/Y2, much like Black 2 and White 2.

Pokemon X Y Unfinished
Pokemon Company
Pokemon X and Y never got the finish it deserved and now we know why…

Kalos in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The unfinished nature of the game had trainers speculating for years as to when the story would be finished. It seemed to be all part of the Pokemon Company’s grand plan but it looks like fans of the franchise gave the creators too much credit for their forward-thinking.

With Pokemon Sword and Shield being based on the UK, and Kalos being France, it seemed believable that the two games would intertwine. That never happened in the initial release and has yet to happen in either of the released DLCs.


This leak doesn’t mean that the Pokemon Company doesn’t intend on finishing the story, but it does mean there’s a chance it will go down as one of Pokemon’s great mysteries. After all, just because they canceled plans for a Pokemon X and Y sequel, doesn’t mean they have no intention to use the story at some point in the future.

Given the leak though, that may be a little optimistic. It looks like the unusable Couriway Train Station and matching caves between Kalos and Galar were just a coincidence. Or were they?