Why you should be excited for Darkrai in Pokemon Go

by Paul Cotton


Darkrai is finally coming to Pokemon Go as part of the Halloween 2019 event and here's why you should be excited.


Its fellow Lunar Duo member, Cresselia, was first available all the way back in 2018, so Darkrai's introduction to Pokemon Go is long overdue. The dark-type Pokemon will be available in 5 star raids for the duration of the Halloween event.

Why you should get Darkrai

And that is primarily what's so good about it - it's a dark-type and being a legendary Pokemon, it's powerful, too. It's base attack stats are among the best in Pokemon Go, making it an excellent raid battle option.

Pokemon Fandom
Pokemon Fandom
Darkrai is finally coming to Pokemon Go...


While Tyranitar, another dark-type, is a more rounded Pokemon (it has better defense and stamina stats), its damage per second is far inferior to Darkrai. This is why it's the best dark-type option for taking down raids.

Its typing also makes it an extremely effective option against psychic-types. This would have been ideal for the current EX Raid boss Mewtwo as we all know how difficult that has been to take down. It is also effective against ghost and fellow dark-types — although the latter is kind of cancelled out.


Darkrai counters and weakness

In terms of capturing Darkrai you'll need strong fighting and fairy-types at your disposal. Bug-types are an alternative option, but viable species are few and far between.

At the top of the list is Machamp and Breloom, although the latter is lacking in stamina. Togekiss and Gardevoir are other options but don't expect them to last long with the dark half of the Lunar Duo.


Ideally you'll tackle Darkrai in cloudy conditions which boosts fighting-types. However, there is more to defeating Darkrai than just relying on a particular type.

Focus on the moves

Darkrai has three charges moves — Dark Pulse, Focus Blast and Shadow Ball — and which of these it has determines the type of Pokemon you should use. As Dark Pulse is a dark-type move you should prioritize fighting-types.

Elsewhere, two of the aforementioned counters — Gardevoir and Togekiss — have resistance to Focus Blast, so you should use these in this scenario. We all know Shadow Ball hits like a truck and will quickly obliterate the fairy-types. This is the hardest move to compete against but fighting-types are the best option here.


Make the most of Darkrai while it is here as it could be a while before its seen in Pokemon Go again. Even when it returns, it will likely reemerge in 5 star raids once again.