Pokemon Company reveals staggering number of cards produced in last year

Brianna Reeves
pokemon cards produced

The Pokemon Company has disclosed the staggering number of Pokemon trading cards it’s produced in the last year.

Pokemon cards have been nothing short of a hot commodity for quite some time, thanks in no small part to the brand’s continued growth.

Gaming, television, film – Pokemon has broken ground across pretty much every medium of entertainment. And sales data indicates the momentum won’t hit a stopgap anytime soon.

For Pokemon trading cards, in particular, sales remain at an all-time high, such that scalping became an issue within the last few years. But it seems The Pokemon Company stopped at nothing to combat the problem.

Pokemon cards produced by the billions in the last year

Pokemon website Serebii.net notes that The Pokemon Company recently shared updated figures about trading card shipments.

The company has produced 52.9 billion cards in total as of March 2023. Of that figure, a staggering 9.7 billion trading cards were manufactured in the last year.

Journalist Joe Merrick added a bit more context to the stats by sharing the following: “Around 18.3% of all Pokémon cards produced in history were produced between April 2022 and March 2023.” Needless to say, the Pokemon business is booming.

Such a drastic increase in Pokemon card production likely stems from The Pokemon Company’s promise to combat the scalping market.

In response to the card shortages in 2021, the company said it would prioritize strengthening its production system. The 9-plus billion Pokemon cards produced in one year suggest the manufacturer went above and beyond the call of duty.

According to the stats above, Pokemon-branded video game software isn’t missing any beats, either. More than 480 million units of software have been sold across all games. Reason dictates this number will continue to climb in the years ahead.

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