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Niantic reveal even more changes to make Pokemon Go play from home

Published: 17/Apr/2020 14:45

by Paul Cot


Niantic are continuing to make Pokemon Go even more play from home friendly. In addition to the Remote Raid Pass, they have revealed various other upcoming changes.

It has been an interesting couple of months for Pokemon Go. Much like many other games and businesses, they have been forced to adapt.

There’s a big differences between Pokemon Go and other games, though, and that is the former is designed to play while on the move. With lockdowns still in full swing, Niantic have been forced to keep finding ways to make the mobile game play at home friendly.

Fourth Field Research Task
A fourth slot for Field Research tasks is about to open up…

A fourth field research task

Trainers who aren’t fortunate enough to be near Pokestops will be delighted by this addition. At midnight everyday you’ll be automatically given a new Field Research task.


If you already have your three slots taken up, then a fourth will be made available. If you haven’t completed the task from the previous day and you have all four slots taken up, then a new one won’t be issued on that day.

We don’t know what exactly what these tasks will entail. It has been confirmed, however, that these tasks “will focus on activities that you can complete from home.”

Buddy Pokemon Back
Buddy Pokemon always have your back…

Buddy Pokemon being put to use

Usually you need to interact with your Buddy Pokemon to get benefits but that’s all about to change. Soon a Buddy of any level will go and grab gifts for you, whenever you’re running low on them.


There will be “a notification above your buddy’s portrait when it’s returned with Gifts in hand (or paw).” That’s one less reason to go outside a find Pokestop!

Power up faster

If you want to power up a particular Pokemon to a level a lot higher than they are, it can take a while. If they are very low it could take several minutes to get them to the level (or CP) you want.

That process will soon be streamlined, thankfully. Instead of tapping power up over and over, you’ll now be able to select the CP you wish it to grow to. Just make sure you have enough Stardust, though!


Niantic had promised further changes to Pokemon Go during this difficult time and clearly they have delivered. We’ll have to see if they have anything else in store in the coming weeks.