Pokemon Go: Which commonly used Pokemon have double weakness?

by Paul Cot
Pokemon Company


Its common knowledge than in Pokemon battles certain types have weaknesses to others. What you may not know though, is that because of dual typings some are double super effective. Here's a list of the more commonly used species in Pokemon Go that you can take advantage of with double weaknesses.

It varies from game to game but in Pokemon Go a super effective attack will do 1.6x the damage. Double super effective attacks will do 2.56x the damage.

So, it doesn't take a Pokemon master to work out that if you can get yourself a double super effective situation you're almost certainly going to win that battle. Not all Pokemon have double weaknesses, however.

Altaria Double Weakness Ice
Pokemon Fandom
Altaria is a problem to compete with in GO Battle Great League unless you have ice-type moves waiting...


Double weaknesses list

Let's take a look at the ones that do. Here are all the Pokemon you come across most often in GO Battle League - Great League, Ultra League and Master League - and their weak points.

  • Alolan Ninetales: Steel
  • Alolan Sandslash: Fighting and Fire
  • Altaria: Ice
  • Articuno: Rock
  • Bastiodon: Fighting and Ground
  • Breloom: Flying
  • Charizard: Rock
  • Dragonite: Ice
  • Escavalier: Fire
  • Flygon: Ice
  • Garchomp: Ice
  • Golem: Grass and Water
  • Gliscor: Ice
  • Gyarados: Electric
  • Heracross: Flying
  • Ho-Oh: Rock
  • Landorus (Incarnate Forme): Ice
  • Moltres: Rock
  • Rayquaza: Ice
  • Rhyperior: Grass and Water
  • Scrafty: Fairy
  • Seismitoad: Grass
  • Shiftry: Bug
  • Swampert: Grass
  • Toxicroak: Psychic
  • Tropius: Ice
  • Tyranitar: Fighting
  • Virizion: Flying
  • Weavile: Fighting
  • Whiscash: Grass


Obviously all of these are dual-type Pokemon which is where they're susceptibility to double weaknesses originates.

Ice moves prove to be the typing that most commonly causes a double weakness with all of Altaria, Dragonite, Flygon, Garchomp, Gliscor, Rayquaza and Tropius being vulnerable to them. Meanwhile, Golem, Rhyperior, Seismitoad, Swampert and Whiscash are all terrified of grass moves!

If you can learn all these matchups and have these moves ready, you'll be setting yourself up for a big advantage in PvP battles. Unfortunately many trainers are clever enough to immediately switch out when there's a double weakness.

So, if possible, you want to try and leave it for when they have no other Pokemon available. Another way is to hit them with a surprise Charge Move of that type. Ancient Power and Ice Beam are two examples of moves that a lot of Pokemon can learn that you may not expect.