Pokemon Go player calls out Niantic as Elite Raid eggs ruin Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Day LitwickNiantic

Pokemon Go players are furious following the announcement of Elite Raid battles, with many areas unable to spawn Litwick Community Day Lampent Raids thanks to the 24-hour timers.

Pokemon Go players have expressed much-needed excitement over the spooky Litwick Community Day happening October 15, 2022, from 2 PM through 5 PM local time. The Ghost-type Pokemon is a favorite among many, and its heightened chances of appearing Shiny make the Community Day event a treat for those on the hunt.

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However, the build-up was cut short by the update that announced the return of Elite Raid spawns. These particularly difficult Raid battles will take over Gyms for 24 hours, with only 30 in-person minutes to battle the featured Pokemon after the Raid Egg hatches.

While many were already frustrated about the announcement, pointing out that the Elite Raids will negatively affect rural players and those who are unable to attend Raids in person, the returning feature had another impact that many weren’t expecting. The new Elite Raid release overlaps with the Pokemon Go Community Day – and has apparently ruined the post-event Lampent raids many need to participate.

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Elite Raid Eggs snuff Lampent Raids in populated areas

As pointed out in a Twitter post by Pokedaxi, Niantic didn’t seem to think the release of Elite Raids through clearly, stating “Wait this is so funny. No one at Niantic thought about the fact that the 24-hour elite raid eggs would mess with Lampent 4 star raid eggs. How did they miss this…” followed by a picture of a Pokemon Go map swamped with 24-hour Elite Raid Eggs.

The conflict with the Litwick Community Day is particularly frustrating for those unable to participate in the 2 PM to 5 PM window, as the post-event Lampent Raids will be the only way to force Litwick to spawn.

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Other Pokemon Go players have also added their thoughts, with one commenting, “Honestly don’t think they care. like it’s such an obvious conflict and a day delay would solve it if they cared.”

Another trainer added, “I have said this before: if you are working for ANY gaming company playing the said company game(s) SHOULD BE A REQUIREMENT. How does one make a product better/improve a product if they don’t use/interact with the product(s).”

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Many Pokemon Go fans have called Niantic out, asking how they could not have noticed such a large-scale conflict, vocalizing irritation at the oversight.

While the Litwick Community Day was supposed to be an exciting event, many will now have the experience soured by the traffic jam of Raid Spawns throughout the afternoon.