New “Pokemon” Twitter account sparks more Diamond & Pearl remake rumors

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Screenshot of Diamond & Pearl Legendaries Dialga and Palkia next to Pokemon Logo.

A hidden Twitter account has created a frenzy in the Pokemon community as some fans believe it could confirm Diamond & Pearl remakes. However, many aren’t convinced of its legitimacy.

Pokemon fans discovered a Twitter account on February 15 that some believe is going to be used to announce a Diamond & Pearl remake during the series’ 25th anniversary festivities.

The social media page shares many similarities to previous ones owned by Nintendo. Is Game Freak gearing up to announce a Gen IV reimagining soon?

Screenshot of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Legendaries Dialga & Palkia over stock images.
Another day, another Diamond & Pearl rumor pops up online. Is the latest one a fake as well?

New “Pokemon” Twitter account sparks Diamond & Pearl rumor

Over on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, eagle-eyed fans spotted a private social media page that looks to be tied to an upcoming Pokemon project. “A supposedly “hidden” Twitter account found for [Diamond & Pearl] remakes anniversary,” the thread read.

The Twitter handle discovered by users is “@pokemondp15th”. Interestingly, Mario All-Stars on the Switch leaked in 2020 when players discovered a private account with the handle “@supermario35th” that ended up being real.

Similar names aside, Diamond & Pearl will hit its 15th anniversary in September, so remakes released in November would also fit the bill for the social media handle. The discovery had many excited at what appeared to be a possible confirmation.

Screenshot of Pokemon and Mario Twitter accounts side by side.
The newly discovered Pokemon Twitter account is identical to a Mario page that ended up being real in 2020.

However, just because it’s identical, it doesn’t mean it’s real. After the Mario account was discovered in 2020, fans could easily have created an account for Diamond and Pearl following the exact same format.

It would also be unusual as The Pokemon Company has traditionally used its own social media to promote titles as one fan explained: “Pokémon handles this stuff with their main account, don’t see a particular reason to make a dedicated account for these remakes specifically, they would have done so for ORAS or even the Let’s Go games.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fan explaining why social-media page discovered is probably fake.

Another comment pointed out the account was created on February 15 – the same day it was discovered, which is even more suspicious: “How did you find this account? Looking at when i’s details it was created today at 11:54am cst, just before you posted this. If I had to guess you created this account.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fan possibly exposing Diamond & Pearl social media discovery.

While All-Stars was leaked by a social media discovery, there have also been occasions where Twitter accounts ended up being fake, such as one tied to F-Zero last year which was debunked.

Given that this page miraculously happened to be discovered the same day it was made makes it seem fake. Regardless, it won’t stop some from believing the Gen IV remakes are guaranteed to be announced soon.

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