Man finds rare Pokemon cards in abandoned storage unit and makes big mistake

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon TCG Mistake
Unsplash: ThimoPedersen

A video showing someone throwing rare Pokemon cards onto a concrete floor has gained popularity on Reddit after a user pointed out the person’s costly mistake. 

Although prices are dropping following a several-year-long craze for Pokemon TCG cards, a fair amount of cards are still worth a pretty penny.

While this speaks true for cards throughout the lifespan of the game, the original ‘base set’ cards have maintained their value the longest.

A Reddit user uploaded a video on June 26 of a person throwing base set cards on the ground, making a big mistake in the process.

Guy makes a big mistake with rare Pokemon Cards

In the video, an unknown person is looking through a tin in a storage unit when they find a pile of the base set Pokemon cards.

The person then reads off the year, flinging the cards onto the ground… and making a big mistake in the process. At the top of the stack was a shadowless Blastoise card, worth roughly $100 according to price charts.

Fans quickly took to the comments to express their thoughts on the mistake, as the fall to the ground likely lowered the value of the seemingly good condition card.

One user said: “And it looked super clean. RIP to the corners as it falls to the floor.”

Another user roasted the guy in the video: “dude is straight-up disrespectful towards the blasty.”

It’s unknown who the person in the video is, or even if the video is real… but we do know that many fans didn’t like the treatment he gave that valuable card.