Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Chapter could return with Vecna following big fan petition

Sam Comrie
an image of vecna in stranger things
Netflix, Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight could see the return of its Stranger Things chapter as Netflix has allegedly contacted developer Behaviour Interactive. 

Dead by Daylight has seen a multitude of crossovers in the past. While iconic heroes and villains such as Ghostface and Evil Dead’s Ash Williams have appeared, the inclusion of Stranger Things content was an instant favorite for players.

The removal of the game’s Stranger Things chapter was saddening, but now, it could be set to return with new additions.

an image of stranger things in dead by daylight
Behaviour Interactive, Netflix
The Stranger Things chapter saw characters such as Steve and Nancy arrive in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight rumored to add Stranger Things Season 4 villain

After the removal of Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Things chapter, a petition was launched urging streaming giant Netflix and the devs to reconsider. Having gained over 35,000 signatures so far, players may just get their wish.

Dead by Daylight leak account @leaksDBD alleged that “Netflix has contacted Behavior proposing a future collaboration following the discontinued Stranger Things collab.”

However, the rumored return of Netflix’s horror show isn’t the only surprise. According to the leaker, Season 4 villain Vecna could be added into the game too: “This means not only ST Chapter coming back, but also new content – character ‘Vecna’ is part of it.”

Vecna would be an incredible addition to the game and a chance for the devs to show off some truly brutal kills. The Season 4 villain’s addition could be the result of fan-art however, as the leaker advises to “take it with a grain of salt” for now.

The source also claims that the “Old Stranger Things Chapter should be back on Christmas 2022.”

It’s highly unlikely that the petition has been a direct influence on Netflix, as the show’s continued success has been a commercial hit for the streaming platform.

However, we’re sure that the undeniable passion from the players has perhaps put it on their radar. Here’s hoping we can be reunited with digital Nancy and Steve soon.