Incredibly lucky Pokemon Go player catches six Shinies in one minute

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One Pokemon Go trainer showed off their insane luck during the Swinub Community Day Classic after catching six Shinies.

Pokemon Go’s Community Day Classic featuring Generation 2’s Swinub, has come and gone and players around the world tried their hardest to collect as many of the Pig Pokemon as possible.

As is the case with all Community Day events, the focus Pokemon has an increased chance of being Shiny, meaning it’s a great opportunity to collect some extremely rare Pokemon.

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However, one fan’s luck hit an all-time high after they displayed their catch history which showed they caught six Shiny Swinub in just one minute.

Pokemon Go fan has insane Shiny Swinub luck

A post from Reddit user Southern_Dress4591 on the Pokemon Go subreddit showed off the crazy luck, thanks to the user’s screenshot of their Journal. Sure enough, the Shiny Swinub shown in the screenshot were all caught between 4:57 PM and 4:58 PM.

To break things down, the chances of a Community Day Pokemon appearing as a Shiny is essentially 1 in 15, or a roughly 4% chance the Pokemon will be Shiny.

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This is a significant boost from non-event days, but it’s still quite rare for trainers to encounter these different-colored monsters, which makes the OP’s circumstances all the more impressive.

Fans were floored at the player’s luck, as one trainer pointed out that they had “never seen that before.”

Other players in the thread noted that they only encountered a fraction of the Shiny Pokemon across the entire three-hour event. “I caught 200 yesterday and got a total of 4 shinys,” while another fan said they, “Didn’t even get one in 3 hours.”

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Considering the OP caught their Shiny Swinub at the tail end of the timeslot, one trainer wondered if they factored into their luck. “Almost certain shiny odds must increase towards the end of the time. I played from ~1600-1700 and caught about 5 in the last 10 mins, compared to 3 for the rest of the time.”

While it’s unclear whether this is actually the case or not, it doesn’t take away from the incredible luck this trainer managed to stumble into.

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