Pokemon Go players say goodbye to Shiny collections until “the game gets better”

pokemon go shiny hunting

While many players have left Pokemon Go for good in the wake of the Remote Raid Pass nerf, others are saying goodbye to their precious Shiny Pokemon for an uncertain amount of time.

Niantic’s decision to nerf Remote Raid accessibility sent shockwaves throughout the community. Dedicated in-person raiders felt the effects of Remote players boycotting, forcing some trainers to take an impromptu hiatus from Pokemon Go raids.

However, Raiding isn’t all that Pokemon Go has to offer, and many players have used the mobile game as a way to farm Shiny Pokemon. In fact, Pokemon Go has some of the highest base Shiny odds in the franchise, making it one of the easiest games to obtain Shinies.

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But now that a core feature has become harder for players to enjoy, some trainers are saying goodbye to their Shiny collections. Some of which include high-level raid-ready Shiny Pokemon that won’t see be used for an undetermined amount of time.

Pokemon Go trainers say goodbye to Shiny Pokemon

While Shiny Pokemon don’t have an objective value, trainers often see them as much more precious than their other party members. Especially ones that have utility and can be used in Raid Battle or PVE/PVP.

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Yet, trainers like Nanoespectro on Reddit are leaving their Shinies behind for now. In a post featuring a picture of a Shiny Dragonite, OP wrote, “Go on, bud. Until the game gets better, you have that vacation you wanted.”

This post resonated with other trainers who felt the pain of wanting to leave Pokemon Go, but not wanting to abandon their Shinies. “Kind of heartbreaking that the moment in this picture might be a farewell for good,” a user lamented. “We haven’t had any indications of the game getting better in ages.”

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Others offered ways to save the Shiny Pokemon instead of leaving them behind. One user suggested, “You might as well just send the Pokémon you care about into the main series.” While another stated matter-of-factly, “Unfortunately, the game won’t get better. I already sent all my shiny’s to Shield, so I can still play with them.”

While this is an option, it is one that will take players a lot of time and/or money to complete. This is because transferring Pokemon from Go to HOME requires energy. When a Pokemon is transferred, energy is drained, and it can either be restored by waiting or by purchasing it using Pokecoins.

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Regardless, it seems Pokemon Go players are starting the transition, while others put their Shinies on the sidelines, awaiting promising news for the game’s future.

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