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How to easily catch Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Published: 10/Jan/2020 13:01 Updated: 10/Jan/2020 18:08

by David Purcell


Pokemon Sword and Shield players will soon be hunting down all of the new Pokemon added in the first lot of DLC, but you don’t have to waste any time finding a Galarian Slowpoke. It’s available to catch right now. 

Game Freak have revealed that during the course of 2020 there will be two major expansions to the Galar Region, with the first – Isle of Armor – coming in June. At this never before seen location you will be able to find a whole host of different Pokemon, most of which weren’t included in both games when they released.


You won’t have to wait any time to grab yourself a Slowpoke, though, as its Galarian form was added on January 10 – the latest addition to the Sword and Shield Pokedex. And, if you’re wondering where to find it, you’ve come to the right place.

Pokemon / Nintendo

Galarian Slowpoke location in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Just like many other Galar Region forms, Slowpoke looks slightly different to how fans of the original series will remember it. The new version, adapted for Gen 8, features what looks like a gold crown on its head.

It is caught in a very different way to most other species in Sword and Shield, however, as you’re not going to be looking for one of these in the wild.


Firstly, make sure that your Nintendo Switch game is fully updated and then make your way to Wedgehurst, which can be easily located on our map below. From there, you’re going to need to visit the train station below the Pokemon Center at this point of interest.

Pokemon / NintendoVisit the Pokemon Center at Wedgehurst to encounter the Galarian Slowpoke.

Depending on which game you’re playing, you will be greeted by a character inside. This will be either or Klara (Pokemon Sword) or Avery (Pokemon Shield), both of which are your new rivals as part of the expansion. They can be seen below.

Once you have interacted with them, a cutscene will begin to promote the expansion pass and then a lv.12 Galarian Slowpoke – which is something of a first-look of what to expect from the DLC – arrives on screen. From there, you will be given a choice to battle it in the middle of the room and catch it. It really is as easy as that!


Pokemon / NintendoWhich one will be your rival, Klara or Avery?

How to evolve Galarian Slowpoke

Knowing what you now know, soon enough you will be able to evolve your Slowpoke, but you will need a few items along the way.

These items will be available to find at new locations inside the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra expansion packs, so it’s going to be a bit of a waiting game for the next phase of its evolution.

One thing is for sure, though, and it’s that expansion pack owners will have themselves a Slowbro and Slowking sometime soon. The pack costs $29.99 (£26.99) and will grant access to future DLC.